Serendip Discovers Music That Matches Your Taste And Does So In A More Human Way

Love listening to music? Then I am sure you have spent plenty of time scouring the web for tracks that enthral you. While there are plenty of music discovery apps, most of them use a playlist suggestion algorithm and they don’t work well all the time. Serendip is one that uses suggestions from real people, people who shared the same musical taste, to find music that truly matches with what we love to hear.

How to Enjoy Facebook News Feed Without Any Clutter

Love Facebook? Hate Apps? Then you belong to the minority who carries out painstaking task to seek the important updates from people who matters only to find the feed cluttered with updates from nonsense apps. However there are choices to mute those app updates one at a time. Well that seems an impossible task considering the gazillion apps that roll out everyday. If you are looking for as cleaner Facebook, head over to LeFeed. Let’s see how it might help.

InSync + Google Docs = Cheaper And Better Dropbox?

Dropbox is a great tool if you love to have all your important files in sync across all the devices you own. On the other hand, Google Docs is a great service to manage your documents over the cloud. The functionality that Google Docs misses is that you can’t have offline access to the files. (NOTE: If you have turned on the Google Docs offline mode you can access Google Docs and edit the documents, albeit you won’t have the access to files). Insync is a much simpler solution which works similar to Dropbox syncing model.

3 Tools To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool For Your Brand

Being social is the need of the day. Plethora of social networks are being developed and some are really making the impact while most are just being used and dropped by users. Lately Pinterest is a service that is showing the signs of being the next big thing after Facebook and Twitter. It’s a simple thought of curating your inspirations around the web that has turned Pinterest into a potentially big referral website. Publishers are trying to leverage its reach by turning it into a marketing media for their content. If you are among those, here are three tools you can use to rip the best out of your PINs.