How to Tether Your Windows Mobile

If you’re on the move with your laptop and Windows Mobile device in tow, as long as you have a data connection with your mobile contract you should be able to use your handset as a modem.

This process is commonly called tethering – Windows Mobile users are able to take advantage of the platform’s version of Internet Connection Sharing in order to get online.

For users of Windows Mobile 6.0 and later, this is a relatively simple task – if you’re on Windows Mobile 5.0 however it’s a bit trickier.

Manage Remote Storage with Microsoft My Phone

Maintaining a remote backup of your Windows Mobile contacts, calendar, schedule, tasks and other documents, pictures and MP3s has traditionally been a problematic situation for Windows Mobile users.

Thankfully as part of an overdue concerted move to develop the Windows Mobile and Hotmail/Live platforms, Microsoft have developed the My Phone, a secure online repository for vital information stored on your Windows Mobile device that can be added to or cut down as the user sees fit.