Auslogics BoostSpeed Will Speed Up Your PC as Promised


Your PC is getting slower, and you have no idea what is causing this. It could be hard drive issues, incorrect settings, unresponsive system processes, fragmented files, invalid registry entries, RAM problems or a number of other things. You’ve tried every Windows diagnostic tool you know but none seem to work. But have you tried any third-party applications? Probably not.

The truth is third-party system optimization tools are often eyed with suspicion, and I always try to avoid them as much as I can. While it’s true that some third-party system optimization tools can mess up your PC, there are those that can prove to be very useful, and Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 is one of them. I had the privilege to test this program on a very slow and issues-plagued Windows 10 PC to write this honest review of the program.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by Auslogics. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

BoostSpeed Overview

The Auslogics BoostSpeed is advertised as a speed-up utility for Windows. But the moment you delve deeper into the menu, you’ll discover that this program does more than what catches the eye. Inside the menu are tools to protect your privacy, increase stability, clean the registry, defrag the hard disk and more. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools that work together to keep your PC running at optimal condition.


This program comes bundled with a strange mix of useful components engineered to revitalize your PC. With over fifteen advanced tools, it offers real-time memory and CPU optimization, hard drive defragmentation, junk file cleanup, registry cleanup, and personalized advice on tweaks to restore glory to your PC. It also offers a metric of bonus functions that are not performance-related, but I found them quite useful.

These include file shredder, duplicate file finder, disk explorer, and system info tools among others. The system information tool, for example, can come in handy when you want to know your system setup so as to consult a technician or verify hardware requirements. I tested this tool on my PC, and it was able to pull all the hardware and software information into one place, including the status of all the drives.


Since BoostSpeed is a suite of eighteen tools stacked up into one program, I was skeptical about its impact on RAM and CPU usage. So I checked the program to see how it fared alongside other running applications. Here’s what I found out.


BoostSpeed uses a significantly low amount of RAM and CPU. This means its presence will not slow down your computer or stifle performance in any way.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 10: Features & Highlights

As mention above, BoostSpeed 10 comes bundled with a universe of attractive features all designed to optimize your PC’s performance. Here are the top-of-the-list specs and highlights.

  • Clean up hard disks
  • Clean up registry
  • Boost Internet connections
  • Defrag disks and repair registry
  • Tweak windows to peak performance
  • Modify Windows settings to optimize performance
  • Help protect your privacy
  • Check hard drive status
  • Recover deleted files
  • shred confidential documents
  • Free up disc space from all types of junk files
  • Explore your disk drives and system information
  • Disable unneeded processes to improve boot time
  • Speed up your PC and clean up your browsers

Note: the free version has some limitations, such as the inability to schedule computer speed. You’ll also not be able to access some features such as desktop protection, service optimization, and auto defragmentation.

To unlock all the program features, you’ll need a license. Luckily, Auslogics is offering a 30% special discount on BoostSpeed 10. You can take advantage of this offer to get the program at a discounted price.

User Experience

One thing I loved about the Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 is the simplicity it brings along. From the app design itself to the procedure for fixing problems, everything has been designed with a beginner in mind. Downloading and installing the program was super easy, as the file is small (about 20Mbs). It took me around three minutes to complete the installation.

The user interface is friendly and innovatively designed in a way that exemplifies its simplicity principle. The developers were able to incorporate all the tools in the main screen, so when a user opens the program, they’ll instantly see everything they need to run a system scan, schedule maintenance, protect privacy, or even perform some performance tweaks.

You can use the BoostSpeed 10 in many different ways, but the simplest of all is to perform a full system scan. Just launch the program and click on the “Scan all” button. The program will automatically and quickly identify fragmented files, broken paths, hard drive junk, registry problems and more. This way you will be able to identify and fix all the system problems in one click. That’s the best option for beginners.

If you want to get the most out of the program, you’ll want to work through each of the tools’ interfaces. Once I launched the program, I choose the “Customized scan” option, and then I selected “System scan.” The program scanned my PC and identified a ton of system issues, including 5.14GB of junk files that needed to be freed.


When you click on the “View details” link, the program will show you the contents of each item.

Nothing slows down a PC more than a poorly optimized hard drive. The good thing about Auslogics BoostSpeed is that it helps to optimize your hard drive’s performance by cleaning up all the redundant system files, application files, unused web cache, and other files of temporary nature. Here’s a screenshot of all the junk files that were removed from my hard drive.


There is also an “Unfold all” button just below the “Disk space” tab that lets you see what you’re deleting and the location path so that you don’t remove important files – especially the ones in the “temporary files” folder.


Under the “System stability” category, the program displayed 161 stability issues that needed to be resolved.


These include entries left by uninstalled software, registry issues, and many more. You can choose the categories you want to repair from the scan report. Under the “Computer speed” category, the program identified 279 problematic issues and their impact on my computer’s performance.


These include settings that impact shutdown speed, Internet speed, Windows speed, and system registry issues that may affect your system’s stability. Once I clicked on the “Resolve all” button, it took the program exactly six minutes to clean up my PC, repair the registry, and optimize it for top performance.


After the system optimization was completed, I restarted the computer, and here are the changes that I discovered:

1. A significant increase in the shutdown speed.

2. Boosted performance. The PC was able to navigate through twenty tabs smoothly without freezing or hanging up. Previously, it struggled to achieve this owing to its low RAM and poorly optimized hard drive.

3. It didn’t boost my Internet speed.

Pros & Cons


  • Optimizes PC performance as advertised
  • Supports all versions of Windows (Windows XP-10)
  • Easy to use
  • Offers over fifteen tools and advice to tweak your PC
  • Provides a quick solution to most PC issues


  • Doesn’t fix all the identified issues – it will skip some issues
  • $59.95 Pro account required to access all features, but 30% discount offered
  • Some tools such as the file shredder are buried deep in the menu, and you might not find them easily unless you know where to look

The Bottom line

The Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 is a great tool that will definitely boost your PC’s performance. While in most cases you can achieve the same results by tweaking your system’s settings, it’s hard to find a program that has the answers to all your PC issues in one package.

Having performed an in-depth evaluation of the Auslogics BoostSpeed 10, I’d highly recommend it to anyone having unending PC issues.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 10

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