Audials One 2023 Review: Gather All Your Media in One Place

Audials One 2023 Review Featured


  • Supports recording from most major streaming services
  • Works with TV shows, movies, music, and podcasts
  • Automatically removes ads
  • Supports Hi-Res audio
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • 4K is usually not an option
  • Not available for Mac or Linux natively

Our Rating

9 / 10

Ever wish you could stream and record all your favorite shows, movies, music, and podcasts on the same platform? Audials One 2023 is a powerful multimedia recorder capable of not just recording, but optimizing audio and video to help you create your own personal library to watch whenever you want. I had the pleasure of testing the software to see how it works.

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Overview of Features

Audials One 2023 lets you watch, listen to, and record streaming and live TV, video podcasts, music from streaming services, Internet radio, and podcasts. What’s great is that the software also works as a media library. Easily watch or listen to anything you’ve recorded without having to jump from one streaming platform to another. You can even import music and video already stored on your device.

Audials One 2023 Review Installation

Most of the mainstream streaming services are covered, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Paramount, and Amazon for video and Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora for music. You can find a full list inside the software and even manually add sources.

Audials has been around for years, but the 2023 version builds upon previous releases to add a variety of great new features, including:

  • Automatically remove ads from videos
  • Even out volume in videos with random audio issues
  • Add subtitles easily
  • Videos record in pieces for faster and higher quality downloads
  • Record Hi-Res music
  • Music tags filled in automatically in most cases
  • Eliminate ads and announcer interruptions from music
  • Automatically download podcasts you’re subscribed to
  • Batch record items based on your own custom settings
  • Improved interface to quickly get to what you want

Everything is also designed to work faster and more efficiently by making better use of your CPU. As an added bonus, take your files on the go with iOS and Android apps, including Android Auto. The apps let you copy everything from the desktop version without needing any cables.

Exploring Audials One 2023

Getting set up is as easy as downloading the latest version. You can explore without having to create an account. Of course, to do most things, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version. The layout is simple with easy access to all of your files along the upper-left side.

Audials One 2023 Review Dashboard

Want to record something? Just select audio or video recording in the middle-left section. You can also convert any files you have using the convert option just below your recording menus.

All of the magic happens in the middle pane. You can select files, connect to streaming services, and select recording settings.

Audials One 2023 Review Settings

The only area that wasn’t as intuitive was selecting default file formats. This is listed at the bottom of the window. However, you can also select the Settings cog at the very bottom left corner and choose default settings for music and video recordings.

It’s easy to explore and search for music, find radio stations to tune into, and discover new and favorite podcasts using their respective category buttons on the left. I liked the Music Zoom feature under Music. It helps you find more music you love. The bot at the top of the window will help you find similar artists. You can add artists/songs to wish lists to help find and record your favorites.

Audials One 2023 Review Music Zoom

Using the Software

If you read the fine print, Audials doesn’t circumvent copyright protections, so if a show uses certain DRM protections or encryption, it may not record. This is especially true with 4K, but the shows and movies may still record in a slightly lower quality. I appreciate the company being upfront about that.

I was most interested in trying out the ad detection and removal over anything else. I love watching some original shows on a few free streaming services, but sometimes that ad blocks are ridiculously long, even longer than over-the-air TV.

Audials One 2023 Review Choose

I picked my service from the list of available services, entered my login details, and chose my show. Since my PC has the specs to support it, I opted to record at 2x speed, though 1x is recommend for slower devices. I saved in the recommended MPEG4 format and chose to remove ads.

Audials One 2023 Review Recording

Audials One 2023 informed me there were some missing frames at the beginning (I didn’t notice anything myself), but I think that was because my antivirus decided to start scanning in the middle of the recording. The best news: the ads were gone. It was a smooth transition with no issues.

I was also able to set it up to record new episodes of several shows, and so far, I haven’t had any problems.

Audials One 2023 Review Freevee

I tried out Freevee, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Paramount+ and had no problems accessing the service and recording. As expected, 4K was not available.

I also had the same results when pulling in streams from Spotify. I found it worked better if you let it record without listening at the same time. Audials did an amazing job at automatically tagging individual songs. Or, if you want, you can do a continuous recording, breaking the stream into individual songs.


You can get Audials One 2023 for $85.82. This gives you access to all features. If you enjoy streaming and want to have all of your movies, shows, music, and podcasts on one platform, it’s well worth the price.

Final Thoughts

Audials One 2023 Review Final

Audials One 2023 makes recording streaming video as easy as possible. No, it can’t record everything, but it does a great job at grabbing most things from popular streaming services. It’s kind of like a streaming DVR. Just remember, of course, anything you record is for personal use only. Find out more about Audials One 2023 and see if it supports the services you’re interested in.

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