Ask MTE – Dual Boot Windows 7 and 8, Move a WMC Window In NoChrome Mode, And Many More… (Windows, Week 19)

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Q: What can I do if I accidentally installed Windows 8 as an upgrade to Windows 7 instead of a dual-boot kind of thing? How can I reverse this?

A: Well, there’s nothing to do once you install an operating system over another. There’s no way to roll back. So, if you would like to go back to Windows 7, we suggest (like you said in your email) to shrink your primary partition a bit and install Windows 7 on the new partition. This could be a dual-boot setting. Removing Windows 8 is another issue altogether, but you can remove it from the boot menu by configuring it via msconfig. To reach msconfig, type “msconfig” on the small search box in your Start menu. Once you press “Enter,” you’re in.

In the “Boot” tab, you could configure your operating system parameters to exclude Windows 8 and leave behind only Windows 7. After that, you could delete the System32 directory and any other directory corresponding to your Windows 8 installation.

Any further attempt to run Windows 8, momentarily, should be done through a virtualization environment like VMWare. Windows 8 release and consumer preview can be installed through VMWare 8. Earlier versions of VMWare do ┬ánot support Windows 8’s features, and you might experience problems installing the x64 version. Our suggestion is to use VMWare 8 with x86 Windows 8.

Q: Is there a way to move a window while using “/nochrome” in Windows Media Center?

A: The short answer is “no.” The long answer is, “You can use the window in full-screen, which also allows you to close the media center properly.” Press “Alt+Enter” to enable full-screen mode. Under “/nochrome,” WMC doesn’t run like a normal Windows shell application, with a taskbar icon and all that sweet stuff. Unfortunately, you’re left with the inability to move the window or switch to it from the taskbar. It’s a tradeoff and there’s nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.

Q: Is Windows 8 Release Preview a leak?

A: Release Preview is not a leak. The Windows 8 Release Preview is Microsoft’s last showcase of the operating system before it releases its final build. This will show you what features you can expect to see in the final version. The Consumer Preview was just a form of opening your appetite and helping you get acquainted with the interface. They may still remove or add other features until the final release, but most of the things you see there are final.

Microsoft has officially made the Release Preview available for download at the end of May this year. If you would like to download it officially from Microsoft, click this link.

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