Ask The Readers: Do You Support MakeTechEasier Switching Back to the Native WordPress Comments System (From Disqus)?

In this week poll, the question is: Do You Support MTE Switching Back to the Native WordPress Comments System (From Disqus)?

The reason behind this is because while Disqus is a great third-party commenting platform, it also comes with several drawbacks which makes it difficult for us to manage.

Firstly, it doesn’t support author notification natively. This may be fine for a single author blog, but for a multi-authors blog like us, it is a nightmare. In the end, we have to resort to hack to get it working.

Secondly, the comments syncing between the Disqus server and our own server is often a hit or miss. There are also delays in the syncing which makes comments moderation difficult. One comment could appear as “Spam” in Disqus but “Approved” in our WordPress database.

Thirdly, as Disqus relies on javascript and callbacks to their server to display the comments layout and retrieve the comments, this greatly slow down the loading time of the site. This is particularly true for the latest Disqus 2012 release which retrieve plenty of realtime data in the background.

Before we bite our teeth and switch back to the native WordPress comments system, it will be great if you can cast your votes and let us know what you think.

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