Ask The Readers: How Often Do you Accomplish The Task You Set Out To Do?

The result for last week poll: Which Is Your Favorite Office Suite Application? is out. Here’s the breakdown:


When it comes to Office Suite, LibreOffice is the clear people’s favorite with 50% of the vote and hold a comfortable lead over the second position. Microsoft’s Office is at a distant second place, despite it beings a powerful and features-rich product. The reason might be due to the high price and is not as cross-platform compatible as LibreOffice.

OpenOffice, the predecessor of LibreOffice is at a tied with Google Docs at the third position. With the launch of GDrive and ChromeOS, I think the popularity of Google Docs would grow in the near future.

This week’s poll

For this week’s “Ask The Readers” session, we would like to know if you always accomplish the task you set out to do.


  1. A really smart thing to do is keep a separate, unpersonalized web browser for doing serious things. Writing a paper, a very strong worded email, or doing online school. Without the extensions, apps, bookmarks, etc you can’t be distracted, unless you Google random things.

    1. Thanks for sharing your tips. I think this will work for those who doesn’t need to regularly research for their work. For me, while writing, I need to google and research for stuff online, so the distraction is inevitable.

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