Ask MTE: Download Ringtone on Android, Apps Force Closing on ICS 4.0.4, Import Contacts to Gmail And Many More (Android, Week 11)

In this episode of the weekly Android Questions and Answers series, we are going to ways to download new ringtones, fix force closing apps, and migrating contacts from another phone.

Thank you to everyone sending questions. I think those new to Android will have a good resource for any questions they might come up with if all of you keep sending in your questions.

The Q&A

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Q: Today I switched from an iPhone 4s to an Android. On an iPhone, you can download ringtones from the app store. Where on android can you download ringtones?

A: In regards to ringtones, there is a difference with the app store and iTunes vs the Google Play Store as you have noticed. You cannot currently buy ringtones from the Google Play Store, but there are a lot of different applications out there to get or make your own.

To make your own ringtones, you can use something like RingDroid. You can use any of your music to make a ringtone. If you would like to download premade ringtones, Zedge is a really good choice. You can find wallpapers with Zedge too. If you already have your own ringtone and wish to use it on your phone, follow this guide here to get your Android phone to recognize your ringtone.


Q: I have an original Xoom WiFi running ICS 4.0.4. and I can run the tablet for a day or two. Then opening most apps generate an error:
“Unfortunately, [app name here] has stopped.”
Powering off the device fixes the problem for a day or two, then it returns. Any tips on how to fix this?

A: The first possibility is that the applications do not play well with ICS 4.0.4. When my Asus Transformer was upgraded to ICS, I have the same issue too. You can first try to uninstall and reinstall the apps that give you problem. If that still doesn’t help, reset the device back to factory mode. This will erase all your data, but you will be able to start afresh and eliminate any compatibility issue.

If only one or two app is giving you trouble, uninstall them and use another alternative app.

Q: I set up a Gmail account on my Moto Razr the other day after switching from Yahoo. How do I get the contacts that are already on the phone to sync with Gmail account?

A: If the contacts are input after you sign into a Gmail account, the contacts should automatically upload to Google. If you signed into the Gmail account after you transferred your contacts, here is what you can do.

Go to your contacts application and press the menu button. You should see an option called Import/Export. If not, try pressing the More button. You will be given the choice to Export your contacts to the microSD card in your device and check the backup to make sure they are all there before continuing. Once this is done, you can erase all of the contacts in your phone. You can now import them into Google from your Android using the Import from microSD card option or you can use your computer to import the contacts to Google via the web.


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