New to Google Allo? Here’s a List of Things You Can Ask Google Allo


Google Allo is a smart messaging app by Google, and thousands of users have downloaded the app since it became available to the public. It’s not your everyday messaging app where you tap on your friend’s contact info and send them a message. There’s actually a reason why the app is called a smart app.

The app comes with Google’s own virtual assistant – something like Siri on Apple devices – that helps you in most of your everyday tasks. From helping you to set a reminder on your phone to helping you know how tall the Eiffel tower is, the app has answers to all of your queries. As soon as you start using the virtual assistant on your phone, you’ll get to know all it can do for you.

For you folks here we have collected some of the things you can ask Google Allo on your smartphone. This is to just give you an idea as to what the app is capable of doing, and then you can make it do more using your imagination.

Some of the Things You Can Ask Google Allo

To do the following things you are going to need the Google Allo app installed on your smartphone. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Once you have downloaded the app, launch the app and tap on the contact that says Google Assistant, and you should be all set to fire the following commands.

Finding Nearby Places Such as ATMs and Restaurants

If you’re new to a place and want to find the nearby ATMs, restaurants, and such, then you can enter in your query as the following, and the assistant should help you find those places.

Nearby ATMs – lists all the available ATMs in your area.


Nearby Restaurants – lists all the nearby restaurants.


Basically, what you need to do is just use the word “nearby” before the place you’re looking for, and you’ll get results.

Getting Answers to General Questions

If you’re a curious person and always like to read about science and facts, then Google Allo is your best friend. The app can help you discover some interesting facts with its huge database. All you need to get to those facts is to use the following query with Google Assistant.

Tell me a fact – it will tell you a random fact


How tall is Eiffel tower? – Similarly, you can use any other popular place’s name and get information about it.


Who was the first president of the United States?


As you can see in the above examples, you can just ask a question in the app, and it’ll give you an answer just like how you used to ask questions to your teachers in your school days. Google Allo is no less than your teacher, is it?

One thing you should note here is that you can also ask it contextual questions. For example, if you asked “how tall is Eiffel tower,” you can then ask another question about that object such as “When was it built?

Getting the Weather Details

If you’re looking to go out and want to see how the weather is going to be that day, you can ask the assistant, and it will give you all the information about the that day’s weather.

Weather today – it will give you that day’s weather details


Weather for the week – it will give you the weather details for the current week


Weather for the weekend – it will give you the weekend’s weather details


Getting Translations for a Foreign Language

People who travel to various countries often face the issue of not being able to understand a foreign language when they try to communicate with the people in a foreign land. As long as you have Google Assistant, you shouldn’t have any issues as the app can do translations for you as well.

For instance, if you’re in Paris and you’d like to ask someone where the Eiffel tower is in French, then you can ask the following query to Google Assistant, and it will provide you with the French translation:

Translate "Where is Eiffel tower" to French


You’ll immediately get the translation on your screen. Not only French, but it supports a number of other languages, so you shouldn’t have any issues the next time you pack your bags for a land far away.

Setting Up Reminders

If you’d like to be reminded about something, you can ask the assistant to set a reminder for you, and it will remind you when the specific time comes up.

For example, if you’d like to be reminded about buying groceries at 5 PM today, you can ask the following query to the assistant and it will get the reminder set up for you:

Set a Reminder for Buying Groceries at 5 PM today


The reminder should all be set up. In case you want to cancel it, just tap the Cancel button below the reminder.

Getting Entertained When You Are Bored

We get bored many times and would like to have someone to entertain us. Google Assistant does come with entertainment, and you can use the following queries to launch it:

Tell me a joke


Show me a funny video


Recite a poem


Play a game


I'm bored – it will show you all the available ways it can entertain you


It does the task of entertaining you very well, as it has vast things to present to you when you’re bored.


If you have just installed Google Allo on your smartphone and you’re wondering what it can do for you, the commands above should give you an idea. From helping you improve your general knowledge to entertaining you with a joke, it has everything you would expect from a virtual assistant.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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