Android Q&As: Applications For Missed Notifications, Unable to Download Apps From Play Store, Connect to Ad-hoc Connection And More… (Week 5)

Thank you everyone who has been emailing in questions over the past month, they have been great questions. Keep them coming! As a reminder, please include the make, model and version of the OS when sending in a question. Let us know if you have your device rooted and the ROM you have installed if you have a different one installed.

The Q&A

Note: Some of the questions will be rephrased and will not appear exactly as they were written in MTE’s inbox, for the sake of simplifying the question and giving as much space as possible to the answer. If you believe your answer was not adequately answered, go ahead and leave a comment at the bottom. We’ll get to you ASAP.

Q: How can I enable or manually connect to an ad-hoc connection without rooting device?

A: You cannot connect without rooting your device. There are many many tutorials out there once it the device is rooted. Many of the replacement ROMs have this feature enabled, but not the stock ROMs.

Q: Why can’t I download apps from the Google Play Store?

A: There could be a couple potential problems. If you are in an area of the world that may have a block on certain application or even certain wireless carriers block downloads so you need to purchase apps from them.

If your device is rooted, you may have a glitch in the aftermarket ROM used. In the past I have personally ran into a problem with this. You can try and reload the ROM and that may fix the issue.

A 3rd possible fix could be you are using a Google Apps email address (an email address powered by Google) and not one ending in While this doesn’t always cause a problem, you surely won’t be able to buy any apps because Google Wallet isn’t part of Google Apps.


Lastly, it could be possible your device doesn’t come with Google Play installed (for example, Amazon’s Kindle Fire), so you can’t download apps to your device.

Q: **Reply to previous answer: In my pc the SD cards are working OK. I can write to it easily and read the files back as if it was an ordinary hard drive. I checked another 8Gb  micro SD card and it also mounts read-only. These same SD cards mount read/write on my other Android devices running Android 2.3.5. I checked these cards for errors, but none were found.

A: Try this method. It seems to work for rooted devices:
1. Using a root-enabled file manager, navigate to /system/etc/permissions and make sure you have mounted the filesystem r/w.
2. Edit platform.xml and find the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.
3. Add an additional group definition for this permission…<group gid=”media_rw” />
4. Save the changes to the file.
5. Restart and test

Q: What is a good application for missed notifications? My phone does not have an LED light that flashes either.

A: The best application I have found is NoLED. The way it works is instead of flashing an LED like other devices can do, a single colored pixel moves around the screen like a screen saver. Alternatively, you can have icons for different apps like Gmail or a voicemail or SMS show up on the screen.


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