Ask MTE: Google Voice Not Showing Number, Add Business Contact to Google, Confused About Android App Drawer And More… (Android, Week 14)

In this week’s round of Android questions and answers, we will be talking a little about Google Voice, the App drawer, running Windows programs on a tablet and populating your contacts with information from Google.

The Q&A

Some of the questions will be rephrased and will not appear exactly as they were written in MTE’s inbox, for the sake of simplifying the question and giving as much space as possible to the answer. If you believe your answer was not adequately answered, go ahead and leave a comment at the bottom. We’ll get to you ASAP.

Q: I installed Google Voice on my new phone and got a new Google Voice number. When someone calls me, it says the phone number isn’t working, how can this be fixed?

A: This can be tricky. If you have not given the number to many people or placed it on a business card, you could always change the number. Otherwise there are some troubleshooting you can do. In the Settings menu under the phone tab, you can look to see if Google Voice is seeing the right mobile number to forward the calls to. Another thing you can try is to toggle off the phone screening and do not disturb options. These may be affecting the incoming calls.


Q: Is there anyway I can run Windows programs on my Android Tablet?

A: There is not an easy way to run Windows programs on an Android tablet. It may be easier if Intel made some of the Android processors. Citrix makes a receiver to let you access apps, but I think it may be a bit more than you are looking for. Depending on the application you need to access, a remote access application might work for you. Unless it is a GPS application where it needs to be onsite to access data where you are.

Q: Say I want to add a business to my contacts. Is there a way to use Google to populate this handy info automatically?

A: This is a possibility, the key is the Google Places. Make sure you have the Google Places application installed on your Android phone or tablet and I believe it is all part of the Google Maps app now. If prompted, open the business in Google Places. While viewing the information in the Google places application, press the Menu button. There should be an option to Add as contact.


Q: I am a iPhone convert and I’m a little confused about the Android App Drawer (? is that the correct term) versus the home screens.

A: On an Android, the app drawer is where all of the application can be found. Some devices or launchers allow different ways to search for or sort the applications in the app drawer. The different home screens are to give you a place to access all of your most used apps. Widgets are also a big difference between iPhones and Androids. These are usable shortcuts to an application such as a calendar, SMS or email app. Many of the apps you might download from the Google Play Store could have a widget to use.


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