Are Tablets Part of Your Internet Experience?

The IDC (International Data Corporation) is stating that the sales from tablets are beginning to taper off. They believe it will lead to a plateau. The number sold for the first quarter of this year is already down by 35.7% from the last quarter, although admittedly, many of those sales were meant for holiday gifts. What could be causing this downturn? Are people over the whole tablet thing? Are tablets part of your Internet experience?

Of course the most well-known tablet is the iPad, but there are also Kindles, Android tablets, and others. When they first appeared on the scene, they were the big thing. It’s easy to see why people might prefer a tablet as they’re small and lightweight, and many times the mobile OS is easier to navigate than a desktop OS. They’re almost as mobile as a phone, but not quite. We’ll just ignore the existence of phablets for this conversation. Tablets can’t always do everything we want to do on our computers though. They come close, but they don’t fully extend that way.

Maybe this is what people are finding out. Are people realizing tablets can’t do it all and they’re beginning to abandon the trend? Or are people just as in love with the tablet as they always were, but people who wanted a tablet have already gotten one? How about you? Is the tablet part of your Internet experience?