Learn It All with this Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle

Have you been hearing about Arduino and want to know more of what it is and what it can do for you? There’s no need to do tons of research on it – all you need is the Complete Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle that you can pick up now at 85% off. You’ll get hands-on experience learning how to build Internet of Things projects, wearable projects, a robot, and even a weather station.

This bundle includes the following toolkit and courses.

The Complete Arduino Starter Kit

This kit included the Uno R3 board, wires, LEDs, sensors, and everything else you need to build your own Arduino projects along with an illustrated guide

Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop Level 1

This Arduino primer will show you how to begin building your own electronics by teaching you about various boards, showing you how to run your first program, and also how to work with hands-on projects.

Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop Level 2

Once you learn the Arduino basics in Level 1, you can put your ideas to work and begin building your own electronics. You’ll receive hands-on instruction and work with a keypad, liquid crystal display, ultrasonic sensor, LDR sensor, and a buzzer.

Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop Level 3

After all the fun in Levels 1 and 2, this course will put the exclamation point on your Arduino education, helping you build a complete IoT solution using Arduino Uno, MySQL Database, and Apache Web Server.

Arduino Bootcamp: Learning Through Projects

No matter where you are in your Arduino experience, you’ll be building your own projects in this course that is broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. This includes Arduino games, an app-controlled car, and an online weather station.

Make an Arduino Robot

Arduino truly shines when it comes to building robots, and this course will show you how to make an Arduino wheeled robot that can move forward towards a light source while avoiding obstacles.

Mastering Arduino by Building Real-World Applications

Through fourteen lectures, this beginner-friendly course will help you master the Arduino basics that starts off with the essentials and walks you through setting up and installing the Arduino software and finishing by connecting Arduino to the Cloud.

Get this complete bundle at 85% off for just $89.99.

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