Become an Arduino Expert with this E-Book Bundle [MTE Deals]

Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle [MTE Deals]

You can benefit greatly from being familiar with Arduino, an open-source prototyping platform that you can use to create interactive electronic devices. There are many possibilities when it comes to the smart devices that you can create with this technology.

Whether you’re already familiar with the Arduino platform or looking to get started, the Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle will help you make the most of it.

There are eight e-books (1,900+ pages) included in this bundle.

Arduino Wearable Projects – Learn how to design, code, and build wearable projects using Arduino tools; master different electronic components and apply what you’ve learned to practical projects.


Arduino Electronics Blueprints РLearn to make smart electronic devices interact with an Arduino board to build out-of-the-box projects; learn about web page, touch sensor, Bluetooth, and infrared controls.

Arduino Development Cookbook – Gain access to over fifty step-by-step, hands-on recipes to quickly build and understand Arduino projects; learn tips and tricks for troubleshooting development problems.

Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints – Learn to develop interactive, Arduino-based Internet projects with Ethernet and WiFi to help secure your home; set up motion-activated Arduino security cameras and upload images to the cloud.

Arduino by Example – Master the Arduino platform by building and designing real projects; you’ll do things like integrate sensors to gather and display environmental data and add Bluetooth, WiFi, and other modules to allow the Arduino to communicate and send data between devices.


Arduino iOS Blueprints – Learn to integrate Arduino and iOS platforms to design real-world projects; learn how to control Arduino using an iPhone or iPad and master iOS development essentials.

Arduino Robotic Projects – First you’ll unbox, power up and learn to configure your Arduino; then you’ll learn to build complex robots and even add more complex navigational techniques (such as GPRS) to your robot so that it doesn’t get lost.

Arduino Android Blueprints Р Learn to build interactive electronic devices controllable from an Android device: for example, a wireless security to remotely monitor your home or a smart power switch that can be controlled via WiFi.

Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle

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