Arcadia Power: The Company that Wants to Give You Clean Energy


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Google, being one of the biggest companies in the world, has a lot of datacenters that require tons of electricity to power. This makes it not surprising when they started buying renewable energy (a whopping 3 gigawatts) late last year, equal to what all of its offices and data centers around the world use on an annual basis.

This doesn’t happen only to Google. On average, Fortune 500 companies pay nearly twenty-five percent less for power than individual homeowners or renters, and they are often the largest purchasers of renewable energy. Because of their size, the Amazons and Googles of the world are able to use energy advisors to find the best clean energy rates, which means they save money while doing less harm to the environment.

Wouldn’t it be great if the average homeowner or renter could enjoy the same benefits as Amazon or Google?

Arcadia Power is an online energy platform that connects individuals to clean energy and money savings. It uses the collective purchasing power of their membership in a given state to negotiate and find the best prices for clean energy. Think of it as Kayak, but instead of airfare options, they deliver renewable energy options.


Community buying power allows Arcadia to negotiate lower rates on energy from clean energy suppliers. For example, Arcadia Power purchases clean energy from wind farms via Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) which are essentially the currency of the green power market. RECs can be exchanged, bought or sold and offer evidence of the production of a unit of renewable energy. When a homeowner’s monthly energy usage is invested in RECs, it’s ensuring that an equal amount of renewable energy is pumping through the power grid, thereby increasing demand for clean energy.

The following are some notable features of Arcadia Power.

Price Alert

For the 12 states (IL, OH, NY, NH, DC, MD, PA, ME, NJ, RI, DE, CT) where energy is deregulated (meaning residents can shop around for the energy distributor of their choice), Arcadia Power offers a Price Alert program where it monitors the local market, finds the lowest-cost clean energy plan, and then notifies the user. As more people join Arcadia Power, they have more purchasing power to negotiate for better deals, which translates to savings for everyone.

Free Wind Energy

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for your electricity usage, but you don’t have to pay extra to source 50% of your energy usage from clean wind energy. You can, of course, choose access to their 100% Wind Energy plan at an additional $0.015/kWh (with a $5 minimum).

Community Solar Program

This allows you to buy a remote solar panel. Participants subscribe to panels on a remote project and receive monthly solar savings directly on their Arcadia Power bill for a specified term.


To sign up for Arcadia Power, there is no cost involved. You just sign up for a membership, link your utility account to their platform and start supporting renewable energy sources.

Ultimately, electricity is just electricity. What matters most is their source of production, whether it is from a clean renewable source, or by burning fossil fuels that is damaging to the environment. You can now help save the environment and save money at the same time.

If you’re interested in signing up, click here and see if Arcadia Power is available in your area.

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  1. Right now I call my local power company if there is an outage. Who do I call when I’m getting my electricity through Arcadia?

    1. You still call your local power company. Arcadia does not produce power. It just helps you to source green energy.

  2. Read the Privacy Statement. There is NO security of ANY kind for the information you ‘share’ with the Arcadia site. Be forewarned

  3. I love the idea but I’ve heard that under certain circumstances their cost might occasionally be higher than our local power company’s rates. Is there any assurance that Arcadia’s bill will never be more than what we would otherwise pay?

    1. etim, you most likely correct. I dont see how someone else can generate and DELIVER power to your house cheaper than your local utility. Since Arcadia is not generating power they are essentially just a broker. (Which all utilities currently already have staffed on site, e.g. employees who buy and sell power like day traders and shift demand load across state lines to other utilities constantly on a daily basis) This Arcadia company is just interjecting themselves into this process as a middleman , strictly focusing on renewable energy. good for them but buyer beware on many levels. Unless they have a MASSIVE battery facility to store said power they must use existing transmissions and distribution lines, which are already owned by – guess who? your local utility company. Of course they will charge (Arcadia or you) to use the method of getting the power to you house, in some cases, yes it will cost more!

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