Enjoy the Apptorium Developer’s Productivity Bundle for Less than $20

If you’re going to be developing apps, you want to have all possible tools at your disposal. The Apptorium Developer’s Productivity Bundle will give you a great start with four apps to set you on your way, all for less than $20.

The following four apps are included in this bundle.


To get the most of your productivity when developing apps, you want to be able to work on multiple monitors. But it can be distracting to have several bright screen staring at you. This app allows you to keep the screens you’re not working on dimmed so that you can keep your focus on the work that matters while still keeping the others live. As soon as you move your cursor to another screen, that one will come to life and the other will dim.


This app will help you write that code so that you can write even more and get your coding done more quickly. After you write a pattern, just access the shortcut, and the app will finish the code for you. It comes equipped with more than eighty expanders for Swift, PHP, Objective-C, and HTML, although you can also write your own.


Working with regular expressions doesn’t have to be laborious. You can simplify the process with a simple UI to test your regular expressions and see your results. The pattern will be easy to read with syntax highlighting, and you won’t need to worry about forgetting expression syntax thanks to a handy reference sheet.


While you work on your project, you probably have multiple documents, apps, browser windows, and emails open. This can be tough to manage, with all of these resources open at the same time. This app helps you store all those resources in one space so that you can launch them all together.

Get this entire bundle of apps for just $19.99.

Apptorium Developer’s Productivity Bundle

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