Modern Dating Tech: Top Apps to Make Long-Distance Relationships Easier

Modern Dating Tech: Top Apps to Make Long-Distance Relationships Easier

Love doesn’t come easy, especially when you and your sweetheart do not live in the same city or country. Yes, long-distance relationships are a real thing, and holding such love isn’t a cakewalk. Thanks to technology, such relationships now have a variety of services and apps that make the journey a little easier.

With the evolution of technology happening at lightning speed, many app-makers have come up with breakthrough ideas that can keep you and your mate connected all the time and in a special way. We have come up with a list of personalized apps that are meant for long-distance lovebirds.


Long distance relationship app - Avocado

Avocado is an app that is made just for the two of you. It tracks your relationship progress. Many of you must be thinking why it is named “Avocado?” The Avocado tree does not bear fruit unless there is another tree beside it. The app archives every moment that you spend with your loved one which in turn helps to track how far you’ve come. It is ideal for maintaining privacy as well as it self cleans the message after it is read, like Snapchat. It is good for the productivity aspect as well, as it syncs events with your Google calendar. You can download it free of cost for iOS and Android.


Long distance relationship app - Couple

The couple is the cutest app that I have come across. One of the major highlights of the app is its “ThumbKiss” feature which enables companions to touch the same spot on the display which makes both phones buzz. The app also has a shared timeline feature that keeps your info together. Another cool feature is LiveSketch which allows both of you to draw together in real-time. The app is free for iOS and Android.

Showgoers for Netflix

Long distance relationship app - Showgoers for Netflix

The Showgoers app is giving a whole new meaning to Netflix and Chill. It is movie dating for long-distance couples. What happens when you aren’t in the same room? Remember when you lied and said you had a girlfriend in another city? Well, now you can actually have one and still watch the same movie at the same time just like you are in the same room. You will need to install the Showgoers Chrome extension.

Once installed, every time you open Netflix in the browser, you will see a 3D image of a glass in the top-right corner. You will get a special URL whenever you click on the icon, and then you can share it with the one you want to watch the movie with. Additionally, if both of you have the extension, you can sync the movie streams. It even syncs the pause and play activity, so whenever one of you pauses the movie, the same action will happen on the other’s screen as well. As of now, the extension is available for the Chrome browser only.


Long distance relationship app - Between

Between is all about privacy protection for you and your significant other. The app can only be unlocked through a passcode. It stores photos, videos, and other couple moments. Now you can keep all your cherished moments in your phone without worrying about privacy. It is free to download for iOS and Android.


Long distance relationship app - SnapChat

It is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps. The app allows you to share pictures instantly, and the best part is that it gets deleted within seconds after the receiver views it. You can send any kind of picture to your loved one without worrying about it going to some other person. It is free to download for iOS and Android users.


Long distance relationship app - Bliss

Bliss is an app that can put spice in your relationship, for good! The app promotes intimacy of love mates. There are a variety of fun games onboard that are crafted just for couples. It is a paid app, but for trial purposes, you can download its lite version for Android and iOS.


Long distance relationship app - Klikaklu

This app is for couples who love to play games. The app sends your partner on a treasure hunt game by utilizing camera and GPS functions. You can also track your partner’s journey through the app. It’s a good way to stay virtually close even when miles apart. The app is only available for iOS.


These were a handful of apps that we thought were cool enough for long-distance lovers. Do you know of any other apps that you think deserve a spot on the list? Let us know through the comments section!

Zara Ali
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