Having a Hard Time Sleeping? Here Are 6 Apps and Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Having a Hard Time Sleeping? Here are 6 Apps and Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Sleep is a blessing, but not everyone gets to enjoy eight hours of sound sleep. Whether you spend too much time in front of the TV/PC before going to sleep or you have a sleep disorder, not having proper sleep will surely disrupt your life. If you are having trouble going to sleep and thinking of going for sleeping pills like millions of other people, it might be healthier to give technology a try.

There are many apps and gadgets that can help you sleep using different methods, like soothing sounds, hypnosis, meditation, colored lights and some other proven methods. Below we have listed six apps and gadgets that may help you sleep.

Apps to Help You Sleep

Below are three apps that will help you sleep using different audio-based techniques.

1. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis


This is a self hypnosis and meditation app by popular British hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis basically consists of recordings of Glenn Harrold on multiple self hypnosis types. With the free version you get a 29-minute self hypnosis recording for falling to sleep with background sounds and Glenn’s calming voice. You will also get a meditation music track of 639 hertz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation that will surely help you relax. You will have to buy the rest of the tracks as in-app purchases. They each cater to different self hypnosis and meditation needs like relaxing, losing weight, gaining confidence, staying happy, lucid dreams, and smoking cessation.

Android and iOS

2. Pzizz


Pzizz plays a different soundtrack every time you use it to help you sleep using sounds, music, voices and binaural beats all together. Pzizz claims it can “solve insomnia” using its unique random algorithm that generates a new sound track every time you use it. It also claims that there are over 100 billion combinations, so you should not hear the same track twice. On top of that it gives full control over track duration (10 min – 12 hours) and controls individual voices/music/sounds and audio type like stereo or 3D. The best part is that the app is completely free to use now, although it was $9.99 in the past.

Android and iOS

3. Sleep Genius


Sleep Genius comes with tracks created using neurosensory algorithms that help your brain get ready to sleep and then guide it during the sleeping cycles. This enables you to sleep easily and deeply through the whole night. It also comes with a unique alarm that takes fI’ve minutes to wake you up energized using varying sounds. Sleep Genius is primarily created for NASA astronauts to help them sleep, and in a NASA 2015 annual publication it was a featured technology. The app costs $9.99 to enjoy all of the features, including power naps and sleep tracking.

Android and iOS

Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Below are three gadgets that help you sleep using different methods.

1. Withings Aura


Its main function is sleep tracking, but it also does a great job of helping you fall asleep. Aura comes with a sensor that tucks under your mattress to track body movements, heart rate and breathing cycles, etc. Aura itself works as a lamp and releases light that stimulates melatonin (a hormone responsible for sleep), and it also has soothing soundtracks to help you sleep. If you want a good sleep tracker that also helps you sleep, then Aura is worth considering.

Price: $299.95

2. BluBlocker


The blue light coming out from your TV/PC’s screen affects melatonin hormone inversely and makes it hard to sleep afterwards. BluBlocker glasses block the blue light and also UV light to ensure you sleep easily after using a digital device and see things more clearly on them. They come in many styles to suit your style.

Price: $99.95

3. Drift Light


Drift Light is a bulb that is specifically created to help you sleep. It emits less blue light than regular bulbs and comes with a 37-minute dimming time (equal to a sunset) to help you go to sleep. The bulb is capable of emitting light equal to a 40 watt regular bulb, but it only uses 7 watts power.

Price: $24.95


You can also use a smart bed like Sleep Number’s x12 bed to help you sleep better. I didn’t add this in the above list due to its hefty price tag that may inversely affect your sleep. It is a voice-controlled bed that comes with an adjustable base, a special pressure-relieving foam, a robust sleep tracker, adjustable stiffness and a massager. If you have some money to throw around, combine the x12 bed with the above apps and gadgets to get the best sleep.


Price: $8000 – $10500 depending on the bed size


You should be able to get a good night sleep with the above apps and gadgets. Give these apps and gadgets a try; they should be able to solve moderate sleep problems.

What do you do when you are having a hard time sleeping? Let us know in the comments below.

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