Top 6 Apps You Should Use If You Are an Instagrammer

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Instagram is not limited to what its official app offers. If you’ve been using only the official app to manage your Instagram account, you’ve missed out on many of the things you can do, as there are a number of third-party apps that help you manage your Instagram account more conveniently.

In this article we’ve put together a list of apps that will allow you to become an Instagram power user in no time.

1. in Tags

Price: Free / $2.99

in Tags is a popular Instagram hashtag generator for Android. Using the right hashtags on your posts is essential if you want to increase engagement. There are many hashtagger apps out there for Android users of Instagram, and in Tags is among the most downloaded.

Top Apps Instagrammers In Tags Overview

The app includes lists of top hashtags based on categories. If you’re about to make a new post, visit the app quickly and copy a few hashtags by tapping on them.

Generating custom hashtags is super easy as well. Simply input up to six keywords and let the app do its thing. The results will also show you how many times a particular hashtag has been used by the community. As a result, selecting the most popular ones becomes a piece of cake.

2. Storeo for Instagram

Price: Free / $9.99

Storeo for Instagram is an iOS app that lets you make Instagram Stories longer than the standard 15 seconds the official app allows. It also supports Facebook stories.

Top Apps Instagrammers Storeo Overview

The app can be used to convert pre-edited videos into Instagram stories and offers the option to shoot selfie videos without mirror inversion.

3. Canva

Price: Free / $10.99

Canva is an app that allows users to create beautiful Stories or Instagram posts using a series of stylish templates. Some are locked behind a paywall, but even so, there are enough options to pick from when using the free version.

Top Apps Instagrammers Canva Overview

Editing a story or post is super-easy, and once that’s done, users can share their work on Instagram with just a few taps. The ability to download the edits for further use is also an option with Canva.

4. InstaTools

Price: Free

InstaTools is an Android app that adds a few extra functionalities that aren’t available while using the official version of the app. For one, you can view the stories of the people you’re following anonymously and easily download the ones you like via the download button that is available underneath.

Top Apps Instagrammers Instatools Overview

Additionally, InstaTools also provides the means to quickly download images off Instagram, giving you the option to re-use them later to make your own collages or photo grids. The app is 100 percent free to use, but it contains a fair amount of ads.

5. TikTok

Price: Free

For users who want to make video stories or posts, TikTok can be the perfect app to do so. It’s free to download and install and comes packed with countless video-editing features. But what some users might not know is how easy it can be to create a story from the app.

Top Apps Instagrammers Tiktok

On top of video editing, users can also explore other people’s video feeds to get inspired or simply for entertainment purposes.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the app watermarks the videos you create with it and that might not be to your liking.

6. 4K Stogram

Price: $9.95 and up

4K Stogram is an Instagram Downloader for PC, Mac and Linux. The program allows you to download Instagram photos and videos from any account, even private ones. Just enter an Instagram user name or photo link and press the Subscribe button. In addition, the app also allows users to do other things, such as download Stories, as well as download photos by location or hashtags.

Top Apps Instagrammers 4k Stogram

Stogram is a paid software. For a complete guide on how to use it, check out our review.

If you want more tips regarding making the most of your Instagram account, perhaps you’d also be interested in learning how to watch videos together with your Instagram friends or how to to share Stories only with close friends.

Alexandra Arici
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