Use These 4 Apps to Donate to Charities without Spending a Penny

Many of us would love to donate time and money to a charity, but there are many factors that may prevent us from making a donation. We may not have the extra money, free time to spend or access to a reliable charity. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have come up with four apps that won’t require any money from you and also make it dead simple to donate to your favorite charitable cause. Let’s see how you can help humanity.

1. Donate a Photo for Charity

Want to put those selfies to good use? Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson allows you to upload a photo every day in exchange for donating $1 to your desired cause. You are only allowed to upload one photo each day (that’s $365 a year), and the photo is uploaded to Donate a Photo Gallery and shared to your preferred social media networks.


Each day a new cause is created with a specific goal; the money is donated when the goal is achieved or time expires. You might also be concerned about the use of your photos, but all this is clearly for publicity purposes. Johnson and Johnson confirms in its Terms of Use that these photos are never used for commercial purpose. As all these photos are also shared to your social media networks, they raise awareness to the participating charities and the Johnson and Johnson company as well.

Download on Android and iOS

2. Charity Miles

With Charity Miles you can make those workout hours useful for not only you but for people in need as well. Charity Miles will donate money to your choice charity for every mile walked, run or biked that is logged into the app. Charity Miles sponsors host charities, and you will see an ad from the sponsor of the charity you are supporting. The sponsors get publicity, and in return they pay to the charity they are sponsoring.


All you have to do is launch the app and specify what type of workout you will be doing. When you are done with the workout, sponsors will pay $0.25 for every mile walked/ran and $0.10 for every mile biked. The app uses GPS location and your phone’s accelerometer to confirm you actually did the workout.

Download on Android and iOS.

3. Give 2 Charity

Give 2 Charity will track your location, apps and web data, and in exchange it will donate to charities of your choice. This app is definitely not for privacy-conscious people, but if Google already knows so much about you, why not give that information to someone else and help people in need? After signing up with Give 2 Charity, you need to allow it to track your location and activity data all the time, and you will get points passively that can be exchanged for real-money donated to charities.


Your information will be used for analytics purposes and for creating surveys. You can also take part in surveys or refer the app to friends to earn more points to exchange. The point exchange system is simple; you donate $2 for 1500 points, $5 for 3000 points and $10 for 5000 points.

Download on Android and iOS.

4. Goodshop

If you are a shopaholic, then you might want to put that voracious shopping to good use. Goodshop is a shopping app that helps you find great deals and coupons, but unlike other shopping apps it donates an average of 3% of your purchases to your choice charity without any extra cost on you. It offers deals from thousands of popular stores like Amazon, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, etc., and there are over 114,000 charities you can support.


If you are not into shopping, then Goodshop also has a search engine called GoodSearch that donates 1 penny to your favorite charity whenever you do a web search. Just set GoodSearch as your default browser and start donating; it uses Google Custom Search for queries, so you should be comfortable with it. The donated amount is raised from the commission that Goodshop earns from the deals, and GoodSearch shows ads to pay for the donations.

Download on Android and iOS.

Time to Do Something for Others

Now that you know these free apps to donate to charities there is no point of making excuses – start donating today. While you are at it, I also recommend you consider donating blood (if you are eligible). It is one of the best things you can donate (for free), and everyday millions of people need blood. I have donated blood myself, and trust me the warm feeling inside is thousand times better than the blood you are sacrificing.

On top of this, you also get a free complete blood analysis (It normally costs $15-$30.) and maybe free milk, juices, biscuits and other treats after donating blood. It’s good to keep in mind if you are into free stuff. Do check out these two Android and iOS apps if you are interested in blood donations.

Karrar Haider

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