Use These Apps to Add Helpful Missing Features to Your Android Phone

The Android mobile operating system has come a long way since it was released a decade ago; however, it’s not perfect. In fact, one can argue that no operating system is perfect. This is why they’re constantly being updated and tweaked. Unfortunately, this almost always means that some handy features may be missing. Fortunately, if you use an Android device, you don’t have to wait for the developers at Google to release the next version of Android. You can add some crucial missing features to your device right now with the following apps.

Notification Log and Unnotification

Let’s admit that notifications can be annoying at times. They cluttered up our lock screens and take up valuable screen real estate. Because of this we’ve all been guilty of prematurely dismissing a notification. Of course, this almost always results in immediate regret. Thankfully, Notif Log has you covered. This app makes a chronological log of all the notifications you receive. You can rearrange the order of the notifications and pin important ones. In addition, Notif Log adds the ability to “snooze” notifications, making them reappear at a later time.


Alternatively, Unnotification warns you every time you dismiss a notification without checking it. Attempting to dismiss a notification will also give you opportunity to undo the dismissal. While this can save you some headaches, it does pose the risk of increased annoyance, as the warning will pop up every time you swipe a notification away.


In today’s day and age, virtually everyone is hyper aware of the vast amount of personal data being collected by the apps and services you use. After all, selling your data is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Folks concerned about shady organizations and companies spying on them are probably all too aware of the danger granting permissions to apps poses. Every time you install a new app on your phone you have to grant that app certain permissions.


For example, using a ride-sharing app will require that you allow the app to use your GPS to pinpoint your location. Or how about location tagging your latest Instagram post? Instagram is going to need your exact location.

The worst part about granting these permissions is that the app can collect your data at any time, even when you’re not using the app. If that gives you the creeps, there is something you can do about it. Thankfully, with Bouncer, users can grant apps temporary permissions. Doing so will automatically deny those permissions when you exit the app. Bouncer gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to use your favorite apps while granting some much needed peace of mind.


While unlimited data plans are becoming more common, there are still many folks who count their megabytes. While the Android operating system can be tweaked to ensure precious gigabytes don’t go wandering off, it doesn’t offer nearly as much customization as it could. Fortunately, Datally gives users the ability to take control of their device’s data usage.


Datally gives users detailed breakdowns of data consumption. This gives users insight into which apps and services are hogging their data allowance. Additionally, Datally has in-depth controls that allow you to set data usage limits on apps by day and month.

Curiously, Datally is a Google app. Why it hasn’t been integrated into the Android operating system by default raises some eyebrows. Maybe we’ll see it in a future Android release, but for now, get Datally to take control of your device’s data usage.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, notifications can quickly lead to a messy status bar. Android has attempted to solve this problem by “bundling” multiple notifications from an individual app. Unfortunately, folks that use a ton of apps still find themselves buried under notifications. Fortunately, Notifix can help organize the procession of neverending notifications.


Notifix is a notification manager that bundles notifications into categories, regardless of which app sent the notification. It’s very similar to how Gmail organizes emails. Notifix analyzes the sender of the notification and determines which of five categories it best fits. Those categories are: Primary, Messages, Social, News and Promotions. Just tap on the bundles notification to expand the list and see individual notifications.

The best thing about Notifix is that this categorization is automated. You do not have to spend any time configuring the app, just install and let it do its thing.

What are some of your favorite apps that add much needed functionality to Android? Let us know in the comments!

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