Does Apple’s App Store Being Hacked Have You Worried?

Apple’s App Store suffered its first major hacking this week, leaving users of some apps affected. It hasn’t affected everyone, but it showed a definite vulnerability. Does Apple’s App Store being hacked have you worried?

This hacking happened because some of the companies that make apps in China needed software to design the apps but took a shortcut to getting that to make it faster instead of downloading it directly from Apple. That software they used (Xcode) was hacked, and now these apps made with the software can send a prompt asking you to put in your username and password for the hackers to steal.

This means any app you use is only as safe as the as the software that the developers use to create it. It might not be a malicious app, but if the developers are going to take shortcuts, it is going to leave users of the apps vulnerable. It doesn’t matter what make of device you use – Apple, Android, etc. – it’s still vulnerable. It doesn’t matter whether you get the app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. It’s still vulnerable.

How will this affect your use of third-party apps? Are you less likely to download apps not knowing how safe it is? Or are you just figuring this is some type of fluke and will continue to download as many apps as you want that tickle your fancy?

Does Apple’s App Store being hacked have you worried?

Does Apple's App Store being hacked have you worried?

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