What Is Your Opinion of Apple After It Was Hit with Ransomware?


Recently, Apple users were shocked when their devices were hit with Ransomware as Apple is not known for being susceptible to viruses. What is your opinion of Apple after it was hit with Ransomware?

Ransomware is a vicious type of malware. It turns up on your computer, and there is nothing you can do to move forward on your device unless you pay an exorbitant amount to an unknown person or group within a certain time frame. If you don’t bend to their rules, everything on your computer will be erased.

For the most part, Apple has not been known to be susceptible to viruses. In reality, viruses are possible on Apple products. However, they are least likely to be affected. One of the main reasons is because there are more Windows users than Apple users, and if a nefarious individual is looking to do harm to the greatest amount of people, they are going to write a virus designed to hit PCs instead of Macs.

And now Mac users have been hit with Ransomware. A piece of BitTorrent software known as “Transmission” was infected with a Ransomware called KeRanger, and when Mac users were downloading the BitTorrent, they became infected. It demands that the user pay one Bitcoin to have their machine released. The Randomware has been removed from Transmission.

Some people used Apple products just because they believed they were safer from attack. Does this change your mind?

What is your opinion of Apple after it was hit with Ransomware?

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  1. Susceptibility to ransomware has not changed my opinion of Apple. Even though I do not use and are not likely to use their products, I do like the look of their hardware. I cannot abide the “walled prison” environment that Apple has set up.

    The development of ransomware for OS/X was inevitable. Sooner or later there will be ransomware developed for all O/Ss, including Linux and BSD. Just as regular applications are ported from one O/S to another so will malware be ported. The bad guys just have to figure out the vector and what vulnerability to attack.

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