Apple Announces New iMacs and iPad Pros with M1

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It’s been a long wait, but Apple enthusiasts finally got the day they were waiting for. The company’s “Spring Loaded” event was filled with new and updated products. While much of it had already been leaked, the big news was that the M1 chip would be in not just new iMacs but new iPad Pros as well and that Apple was releasing its own Tile-like device, AirTags.


We’ll get to M1 in a bit. We need to first discuss the colorful lineup. These new iMacs are reminiscent of the first iMacs in colors like Tangerine and Bondi Blue. But those were huge, bulky, heavy machines – now they are light and slim – so much so that they nearly disappear when looking at them sideways.

M1 Imac Ipad Pro Color Imacs

But after recognizing the similarity of colors, you’ll love the specs. Powered by the relatively new M1 chip, Apple promises the new iMacs will open apps with “amazing speed” and run iOS apps while not interrupting your work. The 8-core CPU in the M1 is “the fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer.”

The new iMac also has a 24″ 4.5K Retina display, a 1080p FaceTime camera, six speakers, and “studio-quality mics.” It also has Touch ID for easy logins.

iPad Pro

But the new iMacs aren’t the only Apple product to be improved with M1 – the new iPad Pros will have it as well. The 8- core CPU brings 50 percent faster performance than last year’s iPad Pro, with a 40 percent faster GPU.

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The iPad Pro will once again come in 11″ and 12.9 “sizes. The larger tablet will also have a Liquid Retina XDR Display. The new mini-LED design uses more than 10,000 LEDs across the back. It all results in a 1 million-to-1 contrast ratio to create and view stunning visuals.

To go with all that speed, both iPad Pro models have 5G in the cellular options. Support for Thunderbolt has been added for additional accessory support. The Ultra-Wide front camera utilizes Center Stage. This feature keeps users front and center when on video calls.


Most of us are familiar with Tiles, the small devices you can attach to your keys, wallet, pets, etc., to track them. Now Apple has its own, the AirTag, which will work with the recently-updated Find My app.

M1 Imac Ipad Pro Airtag

AirTags keep location data private with end-to-end encryption. The small, round devices are dust- and water-resistant and have a replaceable battery. They pair up easily with iPhones, the same way AirPods do. They can be personalized, too, with etched text or emojis and attached via a leather loop or key ring.

The Rest

M1 Imac Ipad Pro Apple Tv

There were a few other notable updates. Apple Card Family will allow users to share the same Apple Card. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini now come in purple. Podcasts are getting updates and will now have a subscription option as well. And the Apple TV 4K is getting an update and a very welcomed updated remote. It was too simple before, making options difficult. It now has a clickpad and outer ring, like the clickwheel on the old iPods, to make it easier to navigate entertainment options.

The AppleTV, AirTag, iMac, and iPad Pros will be available for order on April 30. Most won’t see delivery until the later part of May. The purple iPhones will be available to order at the end of the week, while podcast subscriptions and Apple Card Family will be available sometime in May.

To gauge how M1 will perform on the iMacs and iPad Pros, read on to learn how the M1 runs Windows 10 faster than a Surface Pro X.

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

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