Anti-5G Group Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Stop 5G in the UK

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While there ar. e many people who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of 5G, not everyone is as enthusiastic. Some have concerns about what effect 5G will have on their health. This led an anti-5G group to embark on a crowdfunding campaign to stop 5G in the UK.

Action Against 5G

The group Action Against 5G is dealing with their concerns by raising money to fight the new technology being imposed on them. They have crowdfunded more than £100,000 so far, which has allowed them to retain barrister Michael Mansfield QC to help them stop the development of 5G in the UK.

It’s the belief of the anti-5G group that scientists have failed to pay attention to the potential health risks of 5G and have not properly dealt with the public concern.

5G has promised to deliver a faster broadband signal. This will help deal with the increasing demand on mobile data as the public depends on mobile devices more and more.

The United Kingdom’s Ofcom regulates mobile networks’ use of radio frequencies and tests the electromagnetic field levels that are close to mobile phone base stations.

News 5g Uk Background

Action Against 5G is requesting a full and independent investigation of the risks of 5G and believes the public should have a voice in the potential rollout of the technology.

Action Against 5G Demands

Action Against 5G states on its website that “the government continues to adopt guidelines which the independent scientific research shows is unsafe for humans, animals, and the environment.” They further believe that “the consequence of inaction could be serious and irreversible damage.”

With a group that includes doctors, scientists, and engineers, they have put a team of lawyers behind them, headed by Mansfield, and feel he’s the right one to help their voices be heard.

In the UK group’s demands, they ask that “before 5G can be imposed on us all with potentially devastating effects on our health and the environment, we need proper independent reviews of all research into the health risks and reviews of the science concerning the potential environmental impact.”

Additionally, they are requesting that environmental research be carried out to gauge the risks of using 5G and whether it’s safe for people and wildlife and would like to see an “informed debate on the consequences” of 5G.

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Along with believing that they have a right to be informed of the risks, they also believe they should have a choice to opt out of 5G, especially with concerns of children and others who are vulnerable.

The group insists they “are not against the progression of technology, but we do not consent to the imposition of technology at the risk of harming our health and potentially all biological life.”

Ofcom was forced to release a statement that proved the conspiracy theories were wrong that said 5G was responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

Public Health England’s website stated, “It is possible that there may be a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to an existing network or in a new area.” They added, however, that its expected overall exposure will remain low and that 5G in the UK shouldn’t provide any consequences for public health.

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