If These 5 Annoying Alarm Clocks Don’t Wake You Up, Nothing Will

If These 5 Annoying Alarm Clocks Don't Wake You Up, Nothing Will

Waking up in the morning is something almost everyone struggles with. Trying to get ten extra minutes in your cozy bed turns into an hour and messes up your day’s schedule. If you are having a hard time waking up on time, and your usual alarm clock isn’t cutting it, then you might have to take things up a notch.

There are many alarm clocks that are annoying enough to wake you up even if you are a really heavy sleeper. If a 120 DB sound doesn’t wake you up, then running behind a loud alarm clock that runs all around your room like a rogue hen should help you wake up. Below we have listed five annoying alarm clocks that use different irritating methods to wake you up.

1. Creatov Gun Alarm Clock

Before going for something more nerve-racking, let’s start with something fun and a little bit annoying. Creatov Gun Alarm Clock is a target alarm clock that comes with an infrared gun and a receptor on the alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, you will have to shoot down the bullseye on the clock to put it in snooze mode. In the first of two shooting games you have to hit the bullseye five times to buy five minutes of snooze time, and the other one requires you to hit it three times during a limited period.


The gun itself comes with a recoil action and bullet sound to give you that real feel, and the bullseye requires you to at least line up the gun in its direction to hit it (blindly pulling the gun trigger will not help). The alarm sound can be recorded by you; you can record a motivational message or even your favorite song. This little activity should help you open your eyes and freshen up; otherwise, enjoy the continuous irritating alarm sound.

Price: $29.99

2. Clocky

Clocky is a cute little menace that will run around your room and make cute, yet annoying, R2D2 (from Star Wars)-like sounds to wake you up. It will only wait for a single snooze, and after that it will roll down from your side table (It can easily survive a 3 feet drop.) and start running around your room while making loud beeping sounds. You will have to get out of bed and catch the little rascal to turn it off.


On top of that, it is not that easy to catch it thanks to its high speed and random movement. The alarm clock is also quite sturdy and should be able to survive through all the bumps (unless you kick it into the wall).

Price: $50

3. Screaming Meanie

If Clocky’s sound wasn’t loud enough and its battery died while bumping into walls for hours, then you need Screaming Meanie. As the name suggests, Screaming Meanie is capable of blasting you with a 120 DB (equal to a chainsaw at full throttle) piercing fire alarm sound. It has three sound levels: 70 DB, 90 DB and 120 DB. For most people 70 or 90 DB alarm should work fine, but if you are a really heavy sleeper, then go for 120 DB.


The alarm is also not easy to turn off, as you need to use both your hands and press three buttons simultaneously to turn it off. If you don’t mind waking up with your heart beating like Neil Peart’s drum, then give Screaming Meanie a try.

Note: Daily exposure to 120 DB or above sound may lead to hearing problems in the future. Only use such high alarm sound if it is impossible for you to wake up on lower sounds (hard of hearing?). Also, make sure you only listen to it for a maximum of ten minutes a day and not any more than that.

Price: $31

4. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

If loud alarm clocks attract you, then Sonic Bomb is also worth a try. Sonic Bomb comes with a 113DB beeping alarm with adjustable volume. On top of this, it has red flashing lights and a 12-volt bed shaker unit that can wake you up even without the heart attack-inducing alarm sound. Its red display and lights are both easy to read and frightening enough to wake up your brain. If you want a combination of sound, vibration and lights, then Sonic Bomb is perfect.


Price: $33

5. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Looking for a workout as soon as you wake up? Dumbbell Alarm Clock will only turn off until you do thirty bicep curls while holding the alarm clock. It’s shape is like a dumbbell, and it weighs 1.5 pound (not much, but good enough to wake you up), and its built-in sensors ensure you do the thirty curls without cheating. Additionally, If you leave the curls halfway, the counter will restart. Overall, Dumbbell Alarm Clock forces you to do enough exercise to wake you up.


Price: $21


Above are some handy alarm clocks that should be able to wake up even the heaviest sleepers. For an average person, I believe Clocky will work fine thanks to its catch-me-if-you-can concept and annoying alarm. Although, if you are a really heavy sleeper, give Sonic Bomb a try, as its strong bed shaker and loud alarm combination can wake anyone up. Do keep in mind that these alarm clocks may also negatively affect your mood.

How do you wake up every morning? Are there any cool or annoying alarm clocks you are using to wake up, or does an alarm clock app work fine for you? Share with us in the comments.

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