Andromium OS: Transform Your Android Phone Into a Full Fledged Desktop

Andromium OS: Transform your Android Phone to a Full Fledge Desktop

Wouldn’t it be great if we had all the money in the world to spend on whatever electronic gadgets we wished?

For most of us, spending money on a high-end smartphone and a computer is not within reach. If you consider the price of a high-end smartphone costing around $900 or more, spending money on a computer at the same time isn’t affordable.

A new project called Andromium aims to help solve this problem. Using compatible software, an external HD display, and a dock that allows external TV or monitor attachments, you can use your Android phone as an external computer.  It’s as portable as your HD display lets you be (or you can find one you can use wherever you go).

What Will I Need?

Along with the dock and the monitor, you will need to make sure your smartphone has Snapdragon 800 or better processor, at least 2 GB RAM, and kitkat 4.4.2 and above. Also, your monitor needs to be at least 1080p, and you’ll need to get a mouse and keyboard (USB or bluetooth is fine). As for software, you need to download and install the Andromium OS app at the Google Play Store. You might experience some bugs as this version is still in beta.

What Can Andromium OS Do?

Andromium OS is created to mimic a regular computer OS.

Andromium OS is created to mimic a regular computer OS, drawing inspiration from Windows 7 and OS X.  Don’t expect anything fancy, but it does things like overlapping windows, multitasking, and mouse and keyboard navigation.

Andromium OS features a menu bar, start menu and a taskbar which looks similar to Windows 7. There are basic functions such as word processing, web browsing and file management, as well as the ability to play light games such as Super Smash Brothers. You can access word processing software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online. If you really love streaming videos, you can now watch movies effortlessly using this app.

Just because you’re running this app doesn’t mean you still can’t use your device as a smartphone. You can still receive calls (and you can answer them without physically picking it up), notifications and messages. Andromium also has a few apps, such as media players, a browser, and an office suite.

What Devices Are Supported?

Currently Andromium officially supports Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 2/3/4 and Edge.

Currently Andromium officially supports Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 2/3/4 and Edge.

They have done testing on HTC One M7/8/One E8, LG G2/3, Nexus 4/5 , Oppo One Plus One, Motorola Droid Turbo, and Sony z2/z3. However, they do not have detailed user testings, so use them with caution.

Is It Worth Using?

If you’re only going to want to use a desktop for simple programs such as word processing, viewing videos and storing files, then using Andromium is a great solution for you. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a desktop computer, simply have your smartphone double as one.

For now, we will have to wait and see what becomes more of Andromium, since it’s still in beta form. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying out since there are so many positive reviews out there. Let’s hope that their next Kickstarter campaign is more successful so they can get enough funding to continue their work.

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  1. SO this does not just change the interface, but also install new applications to use? Curious as to why it doesnt just use the apps that are already installed. At least that is the impression I get form this limited review. I would be interested in something like this for my Eclipse tablet (bluetooth keyboard) if it categorized my existing apps in the “start menu”.

    Did you install this and actually take screen shots or are these the canned screen shots from the applications web site?

  2. “You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a desktop computer”
    When was the last time you bought a desktop computer. Unless you insist on a top of the line Alienware gaming rig, good desktops can be bought for less than many unlocked smartphones.

    “simply have your smartphone double as one.”
    Surely you jest! By the time you get all the ancillary hardware you suggest, you might as well get a full size desktop PC. Even if you do get the hardware, you still have a an underpowered processor barely capable of running Candy Crush, no storage to speak of and no connections for desktop peripherals. There ain’t no way you are going to make a silk purse (a PC) out of this sow’s ear (a phone).

  3. @dragonmouth Over the last 10 or 20 years, we have all gradually become accustomed to the ever-increasing “digital delay” in our appliances, after we eventually got rid of the instantly-responding analogue devices here in the developed countries. We get SOME relief when we upgrade hardware, and the new hardware’s processor reduces the delay by 50%. I think it is now perfectly feasible to use a smartphone as a PC, because its delay won’t be noticeably longer than everything else.

    I’m not a troglodyte (with my S6 ‘phone and 2 x Xeon-E5 processor PC), but have come to miss the practicality and useability of the analogue device.

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