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The pandemic and the work-from-home trend has caused many to struggle to keep work and home separated. It’s one thing to share a laptop between your work and leisure time, but keeping the two separate on our smartphones is another story. Android Enterprise phones are able to separate a work profile from the rest of the phone’s contents. Next year this will come to even more users as part of Workspaces.

Keeping Work and Home Separate

When you are in the office 9 to 5, it’s easier to keep your personal business out. But once you’re sitting at home with personal appointments, your family and pets milling about, and the lure of social media, it becomes difficult to separate your time, your space, and your tech.

Sure, it was great in the beginning – blending work, home life, and family – but now that you’ve been called back into the office, it’s hard to separate your work the way it was before.

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Google has a solution for you – one that allows you to shut off your work on your phone so that you’ll no longer be bothered by work when you’re at home and vice versa.

Get an Android Work Profile and Separate Your Life

If your company supplied you with an Android phone, you don’t have to have a separate phone for your personal use. Managed device users can set up a work profile on their Android device. Work apps and data are kept in their own space. You won’t accidentally mix up information, call your boss instead of your mother, or text a co-worker instead of your spouse.

And now other Android users will be able to take advantage of work profiles as well. Google published a blog post detailing the security that’s included in Android 12 for Enterprise users and also revealed the expansion of the Android work profile.

“Now we’re planning to bring those same work profile benefits to unmanaged users with a business identity, too,” said the blog post.

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It was next explained that starting next year, the Android work profile will be available to “anyone using Android for business purposes” on Google Workspaces. It also allowed that there are further plans to expand work profiles to more users “soon after.”

This will definitely be helpful to many, as the pandemic is still raging in several areas, and many people are saying they plan to remain working remotely at all costs. Others are becoming hybrid workers, meaning a continued blur between work and personal lives and even further cluttered phones.

Google is definitely on the right track trying to protect security on Android phones being used for business. There’s been an increase in cyberattacks and fake collaboration apps due to the work-from-home trend. Read on to learn how to work from home without compromising security.”

Image Credit: Google Blog

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