Android Widgets Series: Great List Of Clock Widgets To Help You Tell The Time [Part 2]

In my article last week, I provided examples of a number of Android widgets that help users monitor and toggle their settings (including WiFi, battery, brightness, data, gps, etc.). In this weeks installment of Android widgets, I will highlight a number of useful clock widgets that assist you in telling the time. Depending on which Android device you purchase, you may already have a clock widget. However, the vanilla version of Android does not come with any and this article will help fill that gap.

Basic Clock Widgets

The following list of widgets are simple ones that display the date and time on your device’s home screen.

1. Retro Clock Widget: This widget is based on the classic mechanical flipping clocks often seen in train stations.


2. SiMi Clock Widget: This is another minimalist clock widget that displays the date and time on the home screen, but unlike the retro clock widget, it is purely textual.


3. Digital Clock Widget: This widget is quite simplistic and made to resemble the one from the iOS lock screen. However, it does have a few additional features including the ability to customise its look.


Advanced Clock Widgets

This list of widgets include ones that have additional information alongside the date and time. Such information could include the battery or network status and the weather.

1. Advanced Clock Widget: This is a simple text based widget (i.e. without fancy graphics) that displays a lot of useful information including your phone’s battery status, the network operator, the Wi-Fi network name, multiple world clocks with time zone support, current location, weather data, next alarm and total uptime.


2. Make Your Clock Widget Beta: This widget is quite different from the rest. Although it has most of the features of the other clock widgets, it is unique because it allows you to customise its look in an infinite number of ways from a simple minimalistic text-based clock widget to a full-blown one with weather, battery, and other information.


3. Animated Weather Widget, Clock: This popular widget displays the time alongside the weather forecast with live wallpapers. The video effects feature cloudiness, rain and snow which provide a vivid sensation of current and/or future weather conditions.


4. Fancy Widgets: This is a beautiful and highly customisable set of widgets that displays the clock, date, weather, moon phase calculation and alarm settings.


World Clock Widgets

This list of widgets are useful if you travel between multiple time zones or have to keep track of the time from different places around the world.

1. World Clock & Widget: This widget is no frills and simply displays the time and location of the places you select in an unobtrusive manner.


2. World Weather Clock Widget: If you need to know the weather in addition to the time of different locations then use this widget.


3. Perfect World Clock: In addition to displaying the times of different places, the widgets in this app switch between a black and chrome colour to differentiate between pm and am, respectively. Hence, this widget makes it easy to keep track of what time it is in other parts of the world.


Fun Clock Widgets

This final list of widgets are like screensavers, fun to look at but not terribly useful.

1. Mickey Mouse Clock Widget: This is a cute little widget that features Mickey Mouse on the face of an analogue clock.


2. Pixel Art Clock Widget: This widget is a decorative clock displayed in a pixelated form.


3. Art Clock: This widget is for the artistic folk, but it looks great on most home screens.


Which type of clock widget do you have on your home screen?

In next week’s edition of the Android Widgets series I will be looking at a variety of calendar and agenda widgets.

Abhiroop Basu

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