Android Widget Series: Agenda Widgets To Keep Your Life On Track [Part 3]

In my previous article of the Android Widget Series, I gave a few examples of clock widgets that help keep you on time. In this weeks article, I will give examples of a few different “agenda” widgets. These widgets either place calendars, to do lists, or a variety of other organisational tools on your home screen. This is useful if you wish to glance at your upcoming appointments and tasks.

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1. Default Android Widget

Firstly, the stock version of Android comes with a few widgets pre-installed. These widgets are not as nice or as feature-full as some of the other examples in this article, however if you simply wish to scan the month or your upcoming appointments then it is perfectly adequate.


The main problem with the above widgets is that it only shows the first event of the day and the remaining events are obscured. If you wish to have a scrollable list of widgets, you may wish to try the following widgets.

2. Android Agenda Widget

Although Android Agenda Widget does not have the slickest UI, it is still one of the more popular widget apps because it syncs appointments and tasks from a variety of sources including, Google, Activesync, Touchdown exchange, Astrid, SSI gTasks, Dato GTask, Google Task Organizer, Got To and Do.


If you wish to enable all the additional functions of this widget, then download the Plus version.

3. Calendar GO Widget

If you are not overly concerned about having a boat-load of functionality, but do want some nice eye candy, then Calendar GO Widget is highly recommended. There are three widgets to choose from, a month view, an agenda view, and a daily events view.


According to the reviews, this widget displays all the calendars (from Google Calendar) and does not allow the user to select which calendars to view.

Calendar GO Widget requires the home screen replacement GO Launcher EX to be installed.

4. Simple Calendar Widget

If you prefer a minimalist interface then Simple Calendar Widget is the best choice for you. This widget features a number of different styles, skins and other customisation options depending on whether you prefer a lighter or darker theme or whether you want to donate more or less screen real-estate.


5. Laik Agenda Widget Calendar

Developer Laik makes a popular calendar widget which takes up very little space but at the same time displays a large portion of information. Additionally, unlike some of the other calendar widgets the different Google Calendars are colour coded. Just don’t expect a lot of customisation options from this widget.


If you wish to support the developer, then consider opting for the donation version of the Laik Agenda Widget.

6. Smooth Calendar

This calendar widget is ideal for those who do not want to sacrifice a lot of screen real-estate. You can customise the size, look, and feel of the widget to make it “smoothly” fit into your home screen.


Which agenda widget is your favourite?

This is my last article in the Android Widget Series. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this series and if you wish to see similar series in the future.

Image credit: DafneCholet

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