Top 5 Android Wallets to Store Gift Cards, Tickets, and More

Android Gift Card Wallet

As our smartphones continuously become extensions of who we are and what we own, digital wallets and mobile payment applications are becoming increasingly popular. Today, the digital wallets are also able to store things like boarding passes, gift cards, coupons, and more. Here are the top five Android wallet apps you shouldn’t miss.

1. ONE Wallet

Price: Free / With In-app Purchases

ONE Wallet is one of the highest-rated apps in the Google Play Store and it earns every single star. It aims to be a one-stop shop for all your card housing needs, as long as the card is QR or barcode-based. This lightweight app is no more than 15MB large and features an incredibly simple user interface that’ll have you adding and browsing cards in just a few taps.

All you have to do is launch the app, tap the plus icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen, then either choose a card type from the list or select “Other Card” to start inputting details manually. There’s also an option to change countries so you’ll get a list native to that area, or you can use the search bar to just search for your card by name. Once you find the right card, you’ll be asked to scan the QR or barcode through the camera of your device. It’s that easy.

Android Wallet One Wallet Card T

Navigation is just as simple, as all your categories and tabs are in plain sight and you can easily figure things out without a tutorial. Plus, it makes it easy to migrate your cars from your Apple Wallet over to Android, which comes in really handy. You can also lock the app to prevent unauthorized usage.

One Wallet is good for products like membership/rewards cards, gift cards, credit/debit cards, airplane boarding passes, and more. The free version contains ads but you can bypass them by purchasing the premium upgrade.

2. Cards – Mobile Wallet

Price: Free

Cards is another extremely popular app that’s every bit as light as the previous entry on this list but offers a more colorful and eye-catching experience that you can customize slightly through the “Themes” tab in the app settings. With Cards, you’ll be able to add your favorite loyalty, money, transport, or identity cards, and more and you’ll even have the option to display them on your device’s home screen for easier access.

Adding a card is super easy as well. Just tap the plus icon on the top-right corner of the screen, look for your card in the search bar, and select it. It’ll now be added to the app’s main page where you can tap it to scan your card’s barcode, Proximity (NFC), or card number. There’s an option to sign up for an account, though Cards functions just fine if you opt to use a guest one instead.

The app comes with some solid security features, including the ability to lock the wallet with a PIN, fingerprint, or iris scan if supported by your device. You can also view the encryption used to protect your data. It takes some time for the app to load all the card options when trying to add a card and the utility apps feature isn’t available in all regions just yet, but Cards remains a superb option for keeping all your cards in one place digitally.

3. Yourwallet

Price: Free

Yourwallet gives you a place to save all your digital passes and can store various types of non-payment cards, like the ones used for rewards, transportation, coupons, and more. It works perfectly with Apple’s PKPASS so you can scan cards through QR code or access them via an email link instead. It can’t import from an actual PKPASS file, gallery, file system, or another app, however, which feels like a huge missed opportunity.

On the plus side, the app’s UI is very user-friendly so it’s easy to add and locate cards and you’ll be notified in case there are updates on any of the items that you’ve added. Yourwallet also takes privacy very seriously and requires minimal access to the contents of your device or your personal information.

Android Wallet Yourwallet Settin

4. PassHolder

Price: Free / With in-app purchases

PassHolder is a reputable electronic pass wallet that’s compatible with both PKPASS and PHPASS, allowing you to store your boarding passes, movie tickets, discount coupons, etc. The coolest feature about the app is that it works on both smartphones and smartwatches, though it’s currently limited to Google Wear, Samsung Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin CConnectIQ.

To top it off, you’ll be able to turn picture files and PDFs into passes as well, which is a feature users are going to find particularly useful. Just snap a photo of your movie ticket or flight pass and scan it right into the app. PassHolder keeps permissions to a minimum and features automated pass alerts, updates, and orders based on your location.

5. Pass2U Wallet

Price: Free / With in-app purchases

Pass2U Wallet is a fantastic digital wallet software that’s chock-full of features, like the ability to display your passes on the lock screen by clicking the information icon on any of your added passes. The passes are also automatically recognized and added through the web and email. Of course, you’ll also be able to add cards and passes via photos and documents as well, and it fully supports passes and other products that feature Apple Wallet specifications.

Furthermore, the sidebar enables you to explore different categories, allowing you to browse over your passes and coupons quickly. When you have numerous passes and are in a hurry to find a specific one, this function saves a lot of time.

Interestingly, you also have the option of adding all of the passbook files on your SD card under Settings and you can even back up your passes onto Google Drive and recover them using other devices, which is a function you won’t find in any other Android passbook software.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are digital wallets safe?

Adding all your bank information and other things into one application may sound like a risky move, but quality digital wallets are fitted with advanced encryption technology to ensure that everything you add is kept 100% safe and confidential. Plus, most of them include other security features, like PIN, fingerprint, or iris scanning with every launch.

2. Is there an Android wallet that’s fully compatible with Apple Wallet?

There are lots of Android wallets in the market that cater to file formats typically associated with Apple Wallet, such as PKPASS digital card technology. PassHolder and Yourwallet are two good examples. Apps like these make it easier for users to transition from Apple to Android mobile devices by accepting all of its saved cards, passes, and more.

3. Can I add boarding passes to my Google Pay app?

Yes, you can easily upload your boarding passes to your Google Pay app by syncing your Gmail and Google Pay accounts with one another. This can be achieved by launching Google Pay and then heading to “Settings -> General” and enabling “Gmail Imports”. Now you can easily add your boarding pass whenever you purchase an airline ticket.

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