7 Useful Android Volume Control Apps to Fine Tune Your Device’s Volume

Your Android device's volume control is terrible. Here are a few ways to make it better.

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Whether you’re going to watch a video or just need to make the ringtone louder, you’ll often have the need to adjust the volume on your device and want to do it as quickly as possible. There are various Android volume control apps that can help you, regardless of whether you want faster access or to lock an app’s volume at a certain level.

Note: the following apps require access to “Do Not Disturb” settings before the first run.

1. Volume + (Easy Control) Free

Volume + (Easy Control), as the name suggests, offers a user-friendly way to control volume. By just swiping down on the notification panel, you can change all your volume settings. You can even change the appearance of the widget in the notification panel.

Android Volume Control App Easy

What makes this app interesting is the availability of various audio profiles. It comes with five native profiles, such as night, morning, silent, and so on, but you may also make your own.

2. App Volume Control

App Volume Control is a great choice if you want different apps to have distinct volume settings, regardless of the device’s volume settings. When you first open the app, you’ll see a list of all the other apps that are installed on your Android device. You’ll be able to easily find your desired app, since App Volume Control divides the apps into two sections: Installed Apps and System Apps.

Android Volume Control App

Tap on an app to adjust the volume setting. You’ll be taken to a different part of the settings, where you can adjust the volume level dependent on the different situations where the app may be used. For example, you can change the media, ring, notification, and system volume whenever that app is used on speaker. You can also adjust the volume levels when that app is used on a headset and on Bluetooth.

3. Volume Control

Volume Control is one very feature-rich app that will give you full control over the volume settings. For example, by swiping down from the top of the display, you’ll see the volume settings for the alarm, multimedia, notifications, ringer, system, calls, and Bluetooth. Just tap on the option whose volume you want to change and adjust the volume with the slider that will appear.

Android Volume Control App Notification Panel

By opening the app and tapping on the alarm option (for example), a small drop-down menu will appear that’ll allow you to change the alarm tone and lock the volume at a certain level.

You can even create presets by tapping on the tab with that name and selecting the plus sign at the bottom right. The app already has four created for you: Appointment, Default, Night, and Silent. Tap on the small arrow next to each preset to edit them.

Android Volume Control App Presets

4. Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster)

Other apps may show you all the volume options they can change. With Precise Volume, you can decide what will show up on that list. If you only want the list to show the volume settings for the alarm and the ringtone, it can be done.

Tap on the pencil icon beside the option that says “Example Preset,” and select the “Add More Volume” option. A new window will appear where you can check the box of the options you want to see on the volume list.

Android Volume Control Precise Volume

By going into the app’s settings, you can also set the volume limits when you’re using a headphone on your Android device. If you have other audio apps installed, you can also take advantage of the equalizer to improve the audio. This app also lets you split the notification and ringtone volumes.

5. Volume Lock and Mute

Volume Lock and Mute will also keep things simple when it comes to features. You can set the app up to your liking by simply going to Settings. There you can do things such as lock your current volume settings or create new ones.

Android Volume Control Lock

With this app, you’ll need to go into your device’s settings and set the volume levels. You can’t change them from within the app. Then open this app and check the box next to what you want to lock. Don’t forget to activate the app by turning on the toggle next to “Volume Lock” so that your settings are saved.

If you want to use the app in another language, you have quite a list to choose from. You can use the app in Spanish, Italian, German, French, and many more!

6. Assistive Volume Button

If you are looking for an app that will add on-screen volume buttons, the Assistive Volume Button app is a godsend. After opening the app, enable the “Show volume buttons” option. The app lets you customize the volume button size, color, opacity, and more. In the premium version, you can even configure the settings for individual apps.

Android Volume Control On Screen Button

7. SoundAssistant (Samsung Only)

Samsung Galaxy phones get an exclusive SoundAssistant app that takes the volume control to the next level. You can customize the looks of the volume slider, its position, and even add a floating volume button. Apart from that, you can manage individual app volumes and play audio from two apps.

Android Volume Control Sound Assistant

On Samsung Galaxy phones, you can also take the advantage of Bixby Routines to change the various volume settings depending on the action, such as when you open an app, press a button, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, the following volume control apps may come in handy:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I control the volume on Android without buttons?

Apart from the above-mentioned apps, you can use Google Assistant to control the volume. You can tell it to Increase/decrease the volume by a certain percentage and set the volume to a certain percentage.

2. How can I fix the media volume not working on Android?

Start by checking the volume settings on your phone. You might have accidentally muted the media volume. If you are using a third-party volume control app, take a look at its settings, as it might be interfering with the media volume. You should also disconnect connected Bluetooth devices such as headphones. If you use a wired headphone, trying connecting it once to your phone and then remove it to fix the issue.

The above-mentioned volume control apps will make your life easy. When you have the volume locked at a certain level, you don’t have to deal with volume surprises. You won’t have to deal with it the next time someone else has changed your volume settings. Lastly, check these tips to improve the sound on your Android phone.

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