Google Now Isn’t Your Cup of Tea? Check Out These Android Virtual Assistant Apps


Google Now isn’t enough for you? Looking for some unique features in your virtual assistant? Or may be you just don’t want Google to know everything about you. Whatever the reason is, there are many virtual assistant apps available for Android that are worth trying out. Although they are not as good as Google Now when all features are compared, they do excel in fulfilling particular needs like navigation.

Below you will find four virtual assistant apps for Android. Each assistant has its own unique features and works better in certain situations, so choose the one that works better for tasks you often need help with.

1. Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo focuses on replacing Google Now by trying to offer everything Google Now has to offer, but it adds its own style to it. She can keep you updated with the latest news you’re interested in and also read it aloud for you. You can perform all the basic tasks, such as open apps, search online, get a weather forecast, translate text, manage a calendar, find desired locations near you, and call people, and all of this is just with voice.


She can read and send texts and email for you to make the process completely hands-free. She is also connected to many other services to offer custom answers, like Yelp, Wikipedia, Google Maps, StreetView, YouTube, Wolfram Alpha, Facebook, Twitter and many more. The app is also easy on the memory and has a very intuitive interface, making it perfect for anyone.

2. Microsoft Cortana

Hage a Windows 10 PC but not a Windows phone? Well, try Cortana on Android. The same Microsoft’s virtual assistant is now available on Android as well. The purpose of the app is to let your Windows 10 PC work together with your Android phone, so you will still need Windows 10 to be able to use this app. Cortana can do many things for you just like on Windows 10, but she may be a little limited compared to her native platform.


She can control your phone’s functions, make calls, set reminders, search any type of information, give recommendations based on your interests and has the same sense of humor as on Windows. She works seamlessly with your Windows 10 PC; anything configured on your PC is synced with the Android app (and vice versa) like reminders, location-based notifications, missed call notifications and interests. If you have a Windows 10 PC, then there is no better virtual assistant for you than Cortana.

3. Robin

Robin is still under development, but even in her current state, she works perfectly fine. Robin works best on-road when you need an assistant that can provide accurate road guidance hands-free. She has a gesture activation system where you can wave “hello” twice in front of the phone to activate her.


She can answer any questions you throw at her, but she can go a bit deeper as well. For example, you can ask her for the nearest restaurant and then ask if there is a parking place for you or not. You can get precise directions and real-time situations of the traffic near your desired location. Travel is not the only thing she is good at, as she can do all other common tasks as well like controlling the phone, search, set reminders, call contacts, read aloud text/emails, social media integration and even tell jokes.

4. Jarvis

Jarvis is another fully-featured virtual assistant that comes with some unique perks. He can do everything you would expect from a virtual assistant but adds a little charm to it. It has different themes to keep its interface fresh and can automatically change your phone’s wallpaper everyday. The app has a widget for accessing it from the lockscreen, and the widget can even take notes without opening the phone.


He offers voice notifications about the latest news, weather, battery status and app notifications. You can also use it on Android wear to completely control your phone. Furthermore, it has two modes for Office and Sleep, so it won’t disturb you when you are busy or just don’t want to be disturbed. Overall, Jarvis is a great personal assistant that adds a unique touch to your daily tasks.


Virtual assistants are great at making your everyday tasks a voice command away. Google Now is quite robust and should work fine for many, but if you want something different, then you can get third-party virtual assistants as well. You can select any virtual assistant from the above list, and it should work fine for daily use. Although, do keep track of its unique features to take full advantage of it.

Karrar Haider

Karrar is drenched in technology and always fiddles with new tech opportunities. He has a bad habit of calling technology “Killer”, and doesn't feel bad about spending too much time in front of the PC. If he is not writing about technology, you will find him spending quality time with his little family.

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