Android Tablet vs Kindle Fire: Which One’s for You?

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If you’re in the market for a brand new tablet, you’ve undoubtedly come across two of the many options available: the Android tablet and the Kindle Fire (or the Fire tablet). They look similar and appear to do the same thing. Which is most worth your time and money?

Let’s explore the two options and find out which is best for you.

What’s the Main Difference Between the Two?

Kindle Fire is the name Amazon used for its tablet range. However, Amazon has dropped the “Kindle” and rebranded it as the “Fire” tablet.

Between a Fire tablet and an Android tablet, they may look alike, but there’s one crucial difference you need to consider. A Fire tablet runs a customized version of the Android operating system, which can make it a little finicky with app compatibility.

For instance, if you want to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet, it’s as simple as opening the Play store and searching for it. That’s not the case with the Fire; Amazon does have its own app store, but it’s not as fleshed out as Google Play’s. As such, you may need to “hack” desired apps to a Fire tablet.

What’s the Product Range Like?

The best part about buying a new tablet is choosing the one that suits you best. With an Amazon Fire, your choice is a little limited; you only have a choice of the Amazon brand.

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On the other side you have the full range of Android tablets to choose from. You’re not restricted to a single product line and can pick and choose a tablet that fits your needs perfectly.

For example, while an Amazon Fire 10 HD tablet is the top of the product line, it may not suit your needs in terms of hardware specifications. This becomes evident if you match it up against a high-end Android tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

If you check the Gadgets Now comparison page of the two, you can see that the Samsung wins in almost every category. It has a 64-bit architecture compared to the Kindle Fire 10 HD’s 32-bit. Samsung also uses 6GB of RAM, while Amazon only uses 1GB.

What About the Price Point?

But hold on just a moment – how about the price of each tablet? If you check the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s Amazon store page, you’ll see that it costs a pretty penny. Buy only the tablet, with the low-end 128GB storage costs that much. Don’t select the additional LTE functionality, either as that tablet will still cost you a cool $649.99 at the time of writing.

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The Amazon Fire 10 HD, however, is different. Grab the top-of-the-range 64GB model, with a case and a charger, and you’ll see a $264.96 price tag. That’s around 40% of the price of the Samsung!

The Fire range in general have very affordable price points, which make them ideal if you intend to use them for light use. Someone who just wants an email checker or a screen to watch YouTube on will find a Fire tablet to be affordable and ideal for their needs.

Why Company Allegiance Matters

Finally, it’s worth checking to see how much you use either Google’s or Amazon’s products already. Do you own a Google Assistant and a Chromecast and can’t live without them? Grab an Android tablet. Do you have an Amazon Alexa and an insatiable appetite for Prime benefits? Try a Fire tablet.

Of course, there is cross-compatibility between the two devices. For example, you can get an Android tablet and download the Kindle and Prime Video apps to enjoy your Amazon purchases. However, it helps very much if you buy a tablet that aligns with your current company allegiance, as things are more likely to just work out of the box.

Picking a Tablet for You

If you’re someone who uses Amazon products often or just want something cheap for light use or unlimited reading, you can get a good amount of use from a Kindle Fire. However, if you want to play games and download a wide range of apps, an Android tablet will do the job much better.

If you already have an old tablet that you have no use for, don’t throw it away. Repurpose it to something more useful.

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  1. Publications downloaded from Amazon store into a Fire are synced with other Fires, within the Fire eco system, same account.
    Are the same sync features available with Kindle app on Android tablet?
    (Samsung, Lenovo, etc)

    Thanks, deciding which to buy.

  2. I have Android/Kindel Fire. I will be going off roading and all ask for Android. But I watch Utube, Prime, and Netflix I also shop Amazon.
    Please tell me what is the BEST. I can’t afford a high price but would like to have plenty of Ram to download Utube Messenger. I also like to have my Outlook Email Back.
    Thank You! Wanda Sample

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