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There’s a lot going on on your Android screen. Maybe you’ve just scored a kill in PUBG mobile and want to share it with the world or perhaps want to record snippets of your screen for a video you’re making. In other words, there are plenty of reasons to want an Android screen recorder.

And luckily, you’re not short of options. There are plenty of great Android screen recorders out there, including open-source options and a secret screen-recording option built right into Android 10. We’ve gathered them for you here.

1. Integrated Screen Recorders

This will very much depend on which phone you have, but there are several custom and manufacturer-made ROMs out there that come pre-packed with their own screen recorders. The latest Samsung phones, for example, have a screen recorder available in the Quick Settings menu, as do Xiaomi phones. Google Pixel phones running Android 11 onward also let you screen-record from Quick Settings.

Best Android Screen Recorder Samsung Galaxy

If you’re into your custom ROMs, then ROMs like Bootleggers, Resurrection Remix and Havoc OS have built-in screen recorders.

2. Android 10 Secret Screen Recorder

Price: Free

In the Android 10 beta, users were excited to find that there was a new screen-recording function baked right in to the OS. However, for some reason, Google decided to omit it from the final version of Android 10. But – double plot twist – you can still unlock this built-in screen-recording feature with a bit of twiddling!

Android Quick Tile Screen Recorder 1

It’s particularly elegant, as its icon resides right there in your Quick Settings menu. It’s not perfect yet, and some people have reported some bugs, but it’s still cool that it’s right there for you to use.

You need to enable developer mode as well as do some things in ADB for this to work, so we’ve created a guide on enabling the hidden Android 10 screen recorder.

3. Screen Recorder – No Ads

Price: Free

With a name that’s both succinct and honest, Screen Recorder – No Ads makes our list. It makes it extremely easy to record videos. A blue button will start recording the screen, and a small handy widget will appear over whichever screen you’re viewing on your phone.

Best Android Screen Recording Apps Screen Recorder No Ads

It can record HD resolutions up to 120fps (if your display can handle it) and lets you add all kinds of flair to your recordings, such as logos, images and text. Of course, there’s an option to switch on the mic so you can speak over your recordings, and there’s a Facecam option, too, if you’re trying to make a recording with that professional “Let’s Play” kind of look.

You can use this in day or night mode, and it includes some pretty nifty editing features like video trimming (of course) and the option to take notes as you record.

4. MNML Screen Recorder

Price: Free

Still in early access, but refreshingly free of all the ads and paywalls and other annoyances that blight certain apps on the Play Store, MNML Screen Recorder is an open-source screen recorder that focuses on ease of use above all else. (The name is pronounced “minimal,” apparently.)

Android Screen Recording Apps Mnml Screen Recorder

Even though it’s not yet on version 1.0, it feels great to use, recording at up to 60fps with bit rates up to 24 Mbps. At this point, resolutions are capped to 1080p, but the devs are working hard to raise this limit, citing that Android has made it awkward to increase the recording frame rate.

You can download the app from the Play Store or from Github and show your support for a free screen recorder that cuts out so much of the BS.

5. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

Price: Free

RecMe is one of the few screen-recording apps that, when used on a rooted device, can record internal audio as well as video. If you’re not rooted, then you can’t take advantage of the internal audio feature, but you still have plenty to play with on the screen-recording front, including up to 60fps 1080p video quality, a front/back camera overlay (for Pro users), and microphone recording.


The UI is nice and friendly – it’s material-design aesthetic makes it look like it could be an official screen-recording app integrated into your phone. Speaking of which, that leads us to the next one on our list.

6. Google Play Games

Price: Free

If you want to avoid downloading any third-party apps, and particularly if you mainly want to record gaming stuff, then you can just use the official Play Games app on your Android device.


Just open the Play Games app, go to a game’s info page, then tap the “Record” (video camera) icon at the top of the screen. You’ll get options to record in 480p and 720p, so nothing too high-def, but it’s integrated, so we’re not complaining.

To use this feature to record non-gaming stuff, follow the above steps, then just exit the game when it launches. Simple.

7. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Price: Free


Mobizen is deservedly one of the most popular screen-recording apps on the Play Store, offering a wealth of features, including full HD recording at 60fps. It has a number of tools for adding pizzazz to your videos after you’ve recorded them, too, such as background music and the option to record yourself doing intro and outro videos. It’s particularly good for gaming, letting you record your sessions at the same time as recording your face reacting to the on-screen action. (Who knows? You may just be the next PewDiePie … God help us all.)

8. AZ Screen Recorder

Price: Free / $2.99


AZ Screen recorder does not require root access (great start) and has an option to pause and resume recording, which is particularly useful for making tutorial videos. It also has a front-facing camera overlay feature, but it requires a paid upgrade to unlock this. You can change settings like resolution, frame rate, bit rate and even feature a text message or logo along with the recorded screen cast. Microphone recording is supported.

Now that you know how to screen-record on Android, how about trying it on your PC? Check out our list charting our favorite screen-recording software for Windows. Android is also great for off-the-radar apps that you can use to download music, so we’ve made a list of the best free music-download apps for Android.


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  1. Nice post Mike! I am using AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder to record my PC screen for a long time now, but as of the moment, it doesn’t work on my Android phone. That’s why I am looking for a screen recorder app that works fine and well on Android, so thanks for posting this!

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