Android Q&As: Create Screenshots For Websites, Connect Two Android Phones Together And Many More… (Week 8)

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The Q&As

NOTE: Some of the questions will be rephrased and will not appear exactly as they were written in MTE’s inbox, for the sake of simplifying the question and giving as much space as possible to the answer. If you believe your answer was not adequately answered, go ahead and leave a comment at the bottom. We’ll get to you ASAP.

Q:How can I create screenshot from my Android while I visit websites?

A: While most of the screen capture programs are for rooted devices, there is a paid application that works very well on non-rooted devices. The application I use is Screenshot It. You will pay $4.99 USD for it but I have had no issues with it and use it all the time on my tablet and several phones.

There is a shake to take a screenshot, a delay, you can edit the images and choose how they save. If you have a rooted device there are a lot of other choices. All of the screenshot apps will take some action on your part for each capture.


Alternatively, get a phone that is running Android 4.0 as it comes with a native screen capture feature.

Q: I installed Skype and checked SET AS DEFAULT.  Now all of the calls are going through Skype.  How can I deselect this?

A: You should be able to eliminate Skype being the default application for calling by following this “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Skype -> Clear Defaults”. What this should do is remove Skype as the default application for calls or anything else.


Q: How to I connect two Android  devices together?

A: Because there are differences in the Android OS on an HTC vs a LG or any other 2 manufacturers, there isn’t a direct way to connect them. Your best bet for keeping files synced is to use Dropbox. When you use Dropbox and DropSpace, your files will be the most current no matter where you edit them.


Q: How do I change the look of a bookmark icon on my home screen?

A: You have a couple of options to change your browser bookmark icons. The first way is to add the bookmark as a shortcut. Many times this will do what you are asking. To add a bookmark as a shortcut on your homescreen, you will want to press and hold an empty spot on your screen or press the menu button and click Add. You should see an option for Shortcut somewhere in this menu. Find Bookmark and choose the site you’d like quick access to.

The other easy way is to use GO Launcher EX. Any icon from any application can be changed to whatever picture you’d like. Press and hold the icon once you have the shortcut created following the steps listed above. There is an option to change Replace. When you choose Custom Icon, you can add any picture you’d like.

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