Android Power Monitoring At Its Best

Using your Android for a full day on a single battery is a pipe dream for many people. There are things you can do to get better Android battery life right on your phone.

However, sometimes you need options in the form of an app. GO Power Master is an Android power management app letting you better control process and applications running on your device.


There are 2 ways to access Go Power Master. By default, you can access the main app through the notification bar. The other option is from the widget. The Go Power Master widget will give you the ability to optimize your device as well as gives you a running timer of how much time you have left on your Android phone with the same usage.

You can also see the Android battery level and the temperature. The My mode button will pull up a window giving you different modes that you can customize to better fit your usage needs.



The Optimize option is essentially a task killer. When you choose to Optimize your device, all of the non-essential applications will be closed. While shutting down applications like this isn’t always the best method, there are times when you have an application that is hanging up or interfering with other applications. You can use the Optimize button to shut down what doesn’t really need to be running.


My modes

My modes are different settings for your device. Kind of like scheduling different profiles to turn on at night so you don’t have a your email and SMS notifications going off all the time, you can have different modes that turn on features of the phone.

For example, if you want to,  you can turn on Alarm mode. Alarm mode will turn off calls, SMS but keep on your Wi-Fi. Super save mode will turn your screen brightness down to 10%, the timeout to 15 seconds and turn off background syncing among other things. See how by changing a mode can really save Android battery?


Smart modes

Smart modes are just a variation of the other default modes. The Smart modes are 2 battery saving profiles triggered by an action to turn on automatically. The first mode is Switch mode by power. When your battery reaches the default 20% or whatever percent you choose, your data connections are shut down. Calls and text messages will still come through.

The second mode is a time triggered mode change. The default is alarm mode which shuts off most everything so your phone doesn’t die over night. You can change the time triggered mode to change the profile to anything in My modes. You can choose the time to activate and deactivate this mode.

Android Power Monitoring At Its Best


If the default settings are too strict or not strict enough for your usage, you can create your own mode. You can change the screen brightness and timeout, what happened to your mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are changes for the ringer volume, radio (whether calls can be received or not) and other features you can modify.

Final thoughts

If you are a fan of the Go Development team (which I am), then you know this app will do what it says it will. Whether you use the widget not, you should get better battery life from your Android using Go Power Master. Using it for a short time on some of the different power saving modes, I did notice a difference in how long my battery lasted with my normal heavy usage.

How do you stretch the battery on your Android?


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