How To Use Your Android Phone As A Wireless Mouse For Your Computer

andromouse-bannerAndroid phones can do some amazing things. More and  more they are becoming our one-stop device for everything. If you have a computer, you can either pay $20 to buy a wireless mouse, or use a bit of software on your Android phone to do the same thing for free.

Previously we’ve talked about similar software here at Make Tech Easier. Some of the previous software we have mentioned is Gmote and WIN Remote. Today, we will show another app – AndroMouse that can get the thing done.

Where to start

First thing you need to do is download the software on both your device and your Windows computer. You can go to AndroMouse To download both. Scanning the AndroMouse QR code will downloaded your entry device.

Unzip the file for your Windows computer and running .exe file.

There are two ways you can connects your Android to computer. You have the choice of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When you start the program on your computer, it automatically configures the local server address. In this example, mine was From the phone, you can automatically search for the server. Unzipping and starting the file took longer to do than connecting the two and starting to use AndroMouse.


Using AndroMouse

On Android device, what you will see is a couple of icons in the top right corner, a big open area in the middle and two buttons below with the microphone icon in the middle. Big open area in the middle is a mouse pad. Drag your finger anywhere in that area to control the cursor of the connected computer. If you use two fingers on the mouse pad area you can scroll up and down like you were using the scroll wheel.


The buttons at the bottom of the screen are your left and right buttons just like on the mouse. The left and right buttons act just like they would on a mouse. The right-click button brings up the contextual menu the left button selects the item like normal.

The icon with four little squares up in the top right corner allow you to change the mode.


Pressing the icon, you can change from the mouse to the F buttons to a number pad to the keyboard. All of these act identical to the way they would on a standard keyboard. It just takes a little more effort to switch between the modes instead of reaching over to the number pad with your right hand.


Final thoughts

In most cases, you will prefer a real mouse than an virtual Android mouse, but if you are keen to use the computer as a media center and have it connected to the television, a remote control Android mouse like this would be beneficial. Because of its low cost, ease of use and the fact it works well makes it worth a try.

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