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Synchronize Android notifications across devices with Desktop Notifications App

If you’re a productive person, needing to be on your computer often, it would definitely be a waste of time if you have to veer away from the work that you’re doing to view a notification that may or may not be important.

If turning off your phone while working is not a solution for you, then another simple solution for you would be to forward the notification on your smartphone to your desktop so you can know what is going on without touching your phone. The ability to receive Android notifications on your desktop is a time-saver and lends efficiency to the workflow of anyone who has a goal or job to do. Here are some apps that allow you to get Android notifications on your Desktop.

1. Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications is a free Android app from Google Play that makes pushing notifications from your Android device to your desktop computer even easier. It is easy and straightforward to make the Desktop Notifications app work. This works with Windows, Mac, and Linux Machines.

All your notifications display in the browser, including text messages, calendar alerts, phone calls, etc. Version 2.0 and higher of the Desktop Notifications app also allows you to synchronize notifications across all your Android devices.

Synchronize Android notifications across devices with Desktop Notifications App

You can even decide the display duration of notifications on your desktop, if you want sound, and which apps to allow to send notifications to your desktop and which ones not to. It is also possible to identify apps that you want to send notifications only, without the accompanying text, for privacy. You have full control of this process.

Desktop Notifications Privacy

2. Pushline

Pushline is another free Android app that lends itself to productivity and diminishing distractions by pushing notifications to the desktop. This app mirrors your phone’s notifications to your PC or Mac desktop, while enabling it to be controlled remotely from your computer desktop for tasks like dialing numbers, adjusting phone volume, sending notes and links, sending and receiving texts, and locating the phone. No registration is required.

Get Android notifications on desktop with Pushline App.

Not only is this app free of charge, but there are also no advertisements.

You Decide Which Notifications to Send From Android to Desktop

3. Pushbullet

Another very popular Android app that allows you to receive Android notifications on your desktop is Pushbullet. This highly-effective app has incalculable uses and is admired by many, for good reason.

Pushbullet stands out because it allows users to create and subscribe to channels. What this means is that you can subscribe to something that you are interested in knowing about and follow up on it as soon as new information is released about it from the source, much like an RSS feed. The difference, though, is that RSS feeds may be included in channels as automatic triggers, with all subscribers getting the information at the same time, but as a user with synchronized devices, including your Android and your desktop, you only have to see it one time. This is a very efficient system.

PushBullet Subscriptions

Pushbullet permits every text message, phone call, and notification to be pushed to your computer while you work. You have the ability to view who is calling, read messages, and go so far as to reply back to them via text message. All of this can still be accomplished, even when your phone is in another room. Share files, photographs, todo lists, street addresses, telephone numbers, URL links, and more to others wirelessly via the app from your desktop, as well as directly to your Android device with Pushbullet.

PushBullet Android App

4. AirDroid

If freeing yourself from old-fashioned USB cables just to connect your Android devices to your computer is what you’re after, then AirDroid Android app is unquestionably a favorable option. With AirDroid, you can receive Android notifications, manage your Android device, back it up, transfer files both to and from, and send and receive both individual and group text messages, all from right there on your desktop. As long as your Android device and desktop are on the same network, all systems are a go.


An added plus with AirDroid is that if your Android device is rooted, you are able to take screenshots on it from the desktop. Another one of the other features of Airdroid are the ability to send URLs to the Android device and have them automatically open in the Android browser. You can also install and back up apps from this interface.

AirDroid Android App

5. MightyText

MightyText is nothing new, but it is a very stable and useful client that is still considered by many to be very relevant among Android and technology professionals and experts.

MightyText Android App

In addition to receiving Android notifications on your desktop, MightyText allows you to receive such notifications on your tablet PC as well. What makes MightyText so great is that just about every feature that is unlocked for the desktop, is also made available for any tablet that you connect via login credentials.

MightyText Android App

Some of the other highlighted features in this free app are the ability to send and receive individual and group SMS text and MMS picture messages, back up and sync messages, receive Facebook and Gmail messages from your Android phone number, and more.

MightyText Android App.


Getting work done on the computer requires all the help one can get. Prioritizing and maintaining a distraction-free environment is essential. The ability to receive Android notifications on your desktop is essential to succeeding in this. Let us know if you have come across other great apps not mentioned in the above list.

Leah Jewel Alexander
Leah Jewel Alexander

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