Here Are 4 Android Emoji Keyboards to Satisfy Your Emoji Desires

Here Are 4 Android Emoji Keyboards to Satisfy Your Emoji Craze

Most Android users look for Android keyboards that can help them type faster, but there are still many who like to craft their messages for best impact using emojis. If you are one of those emoji maniacs, then a emoji keyboard will surely attract you.

There are dozens of Android keyboards available in the Google Play Store that focus on emojis. They will let you download fun emoji packs and get an experience specially catered to emojis. Let’s check out four of the best emoji keyboards for Android.

1. Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro

You are missing a lot of fun emojis if you are not using Kika. Kika comes with over 1200 emojis and has fun emoji packs to be downloaded for free. You can also use GIFs and Stickers (packs also available), and a big list of text faces make things just that much more exciting.  On top of that it is also really easy to find the right emoji just by swiping, and switching to GIFs and Stickers is just as easy.


Apart from the amazing collection of emojis and use of stickers and GIFs, the keyboard itself is very productive and comes with all the great features you might find on a fast-typing keyboard. You can swipe-to-type, use amazing prediction and auto-correct, use multiple languages, customize layout and more. Although, I did have an issue while typing at an extreme speed, as it started typing multiple “Qs” instead of other letters.

2. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

This is another robust emoji keyboard that offers over 3000 emojis, GIFs and stickers. Its emoji prediction is also really good and offers precise emojis in the prediction bar. Furthermore, Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons‘ customization options are really impressive, and it lets you customize both style and layout of the keyboard. You can customize the keyboard sound, layout, color, and fonts, use more than 1000 themes and much more. You can also set your own picture from the gallery as wallpaper for your keyboard.


As for typing. its prediction and autocorrect feature is quite reliable, and the swipe-to-type feature is also very smooth. The clipboard manager it offers is fantastic as well and let’s you quickly paste multiple text phrases.

3. Go Keyboard

Go applications are known to be beautiful and Go Keyboard isn’t an exception. The keyboard comes with more than 10,000 themes and more than 100 fonts to beautify your keyboard. You can download multiple emoji and sticker packs with thousands of emojis and stickers to be used for free. It also has support for text faces and makes it extremely easy to find and use the right emoji, sticker or text face. One of its notable features is voice typing that improves as you use it.


However, just like other Go products, it also comes with some annoying ads that some people are not comfortable with.

4. Lollipop Emoji Keyboard

As the name suggests, Lollipop Emoji keyboard borrows the material design of Android Lollipop for its UI. It has a database of over 5000 emojis, stickers, text faces and smileys. Furthermore, it has great gesture support with a handy preview to quickly complete tasks, but you will have to get the hang of them before you start using them. You can also use more than 1000 themes and change the color, font, layout and style of the keyboard as you desire, and it has a quick emoji bar on top to quickly use your favorite emojis.



These emoji keyboards should be more than enough to satisfy your emoji craze. Most of these keyboards also have GIF and stickers support, so do give them a try while satisfying your eyes on cute emojis. It should be kept in mind that the prediction and autocorrect feature these keyboards offer are not as good as fast typing keyboards like Swiftkey. They should be able to correct most mistakes, but I don’t think you can type at full speed with your eyes closed.

Did we miss any good emoji keyboards? Let us know in the comments.

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