7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Tracker Apps for Android

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Featured

As cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream attention, you might be considering finally making the plunge into the cryptocurrency world. You might first find yourself a bit overwhelmed trying to track its value. Fortunately, there are cryptocurrency tracker apps for your mobile to easily get the information. The following are some of the best cryptocurrency tracker apps for Android to help you monitor cryptocurrency prices with ease.

1. CoinTracker

Price: Free / up to $99 a month

As with many crypto tracking apps, CoinTracker has free and paid options, but in the free option here you get to track up to five of your crypto portfolios seamlessly. It supports over 300 exchanges and over 8000 cryptocurrencies, so in all probability it’ll cover your crypto investments.

Track Cryptocurrency Prices Android Cointracker

One of the standout features in CoinTracker is the tax-loss harvesting tracker, which can potentially save you huge sums of money on Capital Gains tax by showing you your unrealized gains and giving you a good idea of when to sell your crypto to cut down on your tax.

Beyond that, CoinTracker is simply a clean and minimal app, condensing the complexities of crypto into simple graphs and charts that give you a clear picture of where your investments stand.

2. Blockfolio

Price: Free

Mobile news and portfolio tracking app Blockfolio has been around since 2014 and has recently been acquired by crypto exchange FTX. The app features a clean and highly intuitive interface that’s not too cluttered, so it’s super-easy to get started with it even if you’re new to cryptocurrency.

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Blockfolio

With Blockfolio installed, you can view/assess any cryptocurrencies (search over 10,000 coins) and connect with any of 15 exchanges available. The app also provides frequent news updates, alerting you any time something of interest happens in the crypto world. Trading from the app comes with no fees attached, and you can even get paid while you trade. It’s possible to win more rewards by inviting friends to join the app.

3. CryptoApp

Price: Free / $11.99

With CryptoApp, you’ll always know how Bitcoin is doing. The app offers access to real-time rates against as many as 1,000 cryptocurrencies, and you can also create a priority list. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the latest on your cryptocurrency first and then others.

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Cryptoapp

For each type of cryptocurrency, users can see charts showing their ups and downs throughout time. In addition, CryptoApp boasts a News section, a Portfolio section where you can add all of your assets, and a Convertor. All these features are available for free; however, the CryptoApp also has a PRO version which unlocks several other features. For example, it brings a professional user interface, widgets with advanced options and live data from more than 200 exchanges.

4. Delta

Price: Free / $65.99 per year

Delta is another gorgeous-looking crypto tracker that enjoys quite a lot of attention from the community. The app bundles all the features you need, including price details on a large inventory of assets, an extended list of exchange and wallet connections, and a news section.

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Delta

In addition, the app can send you Bitcoin or Ethereum price alerts (or any other assets you may be interested in).

Delta was acquired by fintech company eToro, giving you the option to buy assets via the trading service. You can access the app on your mobile device, and it’s also available as a desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5. Blockchain Wallet

Price: Free

Blockchain Wallet is a feature-rich app that includes useful options, such as pin protection, biometric unlock, the ability to receive and send payments, two-factor authentication and more. Moreover, Blockchain Wallet has QR code support, so someone can simply scan the code you provide to copy your wallet address.

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Blockchain Wallet

You can also count on more than 20 currency conversions, TOR blocking and also a web wallet. If you’re more forgetful than usual, you can also create a backup phrase that will give you access to your crypto funds in case you get locked out.

6. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Price: Free

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is an app that allows you to keep all of your private keys on your Android device safely. You’ll also never have to reuse addresses and can even manage various accounts. The app also offers PIN protection and is compatible with other Bitcoin services.

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Mycelium

In addition, you get support for BIP38 keys, and you can find other Bitcoin users to trade with thanks to the Local Trade option. Trezor, Ledge, and KeepKey users will be happy to know that Mycelium supports these, too.

7. Coin Stats Crypto Tracker

Price: Free / $4.99

Coin Stats is another neatly designed cryptocurrency price-tracking app. With it installed on their devices, users can check the prices of over 3,000 currencies across 100 exchanges.

Android Apps Track Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Coin Stats App

As with most of the apps in this list, Coin Stats lets you set various alerts, gives you access to news and allows you to connect your wallets to create a portfolio. Moreover, it bundles a convertor/calculator feature and can display an analytics/pie chart view.

Now that you’ve learned about the best cryptocurrency tracking apps, you may want to start adding assets to your wallet. To do so, you have to purchase some cryptocurrency or browse the Web to get your hands on some without risking your hard-earned cash. In addition, if you want to ensure your cryptocurrency is kept safe, then perhaps you’d like to check out our earlier article which details all the things you need to know about cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

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