5 Free Android Apps to Take Great Screenshots With

Everyone needs to take a screenshot now and then. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, it’s something you already know how to do. Whenever you need to take a screenshot, you rely on the button combination for your particular device. The problem with that button combination is that with time you could end up damaging your device’s buttons (if you’re careless).

Having different screenshot triggers is always a good thing since you can use the one you feel more comfortable with. Not only that, it would be even better to have multiple options of what you can do with your screenshot once you take it.

1. Screenshot Easy

If you like to keep things simple, then you’re going to like Screenshot Easy. It’s a free screenshot app that offers you different triggers for taking the screenshot. For example, you can take a screenshot by using the traditional button combination, pressing an overlay icon, shaking your phone, or pressing the notification icon, camera button, or power connect/disconnect.


Screenshot Easy can save your screenshots in PNG and JPG format and can even show you the time and date they were taken. Once you’ve taken the screenshot, the app gives you the options to delete, crop, set as, ZIP, save as, print, and add info on the screenshot, and you can even zip various screenshots and share them.

2. Screenshot Ultimate


If the first app didn’t convince you, you can try Screenshot Ultimate. With this app you’re going to be able to use triggers that the previous app doesn’t offer. For example, you can use triggers such as:

  • Overlay button
  • Folder listener
  • Shake
  • Notification icon click
  • Verbal command
  • Connecting or disconnecting the power
  • Screenshots from another app
  • Interval
  • Using your browser
  • Shining a bright light on your device
  • Putting your finger on the proximity sensor
  • Camera button
  • Long-clicking the search button
  • Custom shortcut
  • Widget button
  • Button inside app

Besides many triggers to choose from, the app also allows you to modify your screenshots by changing the format, sharing, drawing on them, cropping, rotating, and more! You can also share images to Imgur.

3. Ashampoo Snap

The famous software company also cares about what you do with your screenshots once they’re taken. Ashampoo Snap may only have the button combination as a trigger, but it stands out for letting you add emojis and highlighting your screenshots. If you like to stick with the basics but want more options after the screenshot has been taken, this is a great choice.


On the lower-left corner tap on the arrow pointing up to get access to all the editing features. You can choose between adding shapes, rotating, emojis, text, highlighting and more. Tap on the hand icon on the bottom-right, and you can easily zoom in and out of your screenshot.

4. Screenshot Crop & Share

What makes Screenshot Crop & Share different from the rest of the apps is that it allows you to take partial screenshots. You can take the screenshot by using the button combination or the floating icon on your display.


After the screenshot has been taken, you’re going to see a series of buttons to the right. From top to bottom they are edit, share, trash, save and discard. Tap on the pencil icon, and you’ll see various options at the bottom. From left to right you can take a partial screenshot, change the shape of the screenshot, darken the edges, refresh, delete, save and share.

5. Screenshot Touch

Last but not least, there’s Screenshot Touch, another useful app that allows you to edit your screenshots by adding all sorts of items. For example, you can add text, shapes, and numbers, and also draw. It also lets you modify various things about the app as well as adjust how the screenshot is taken. You can decide whether to show the overlay icon or not, its size and where to place it.


There are three triggers to choose from: the button combination for your phone, overlay button and by shaking your device. A unique option you won’t find on any other app on the list is that it allows you to add a delay from when you use the trigger to when the screenshot is taken. You can delay the screenshot from one-half to three seconds.


Every phone has its own button combination to take a screenshot, but unless you add an app there’s not much you can do with it after you take the snap. With these great options you won’t just have various triggers to choose from, but you can also edit like a pro afterward. How do you take your screenshots? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

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