Android Apps that Mod Your Device without Root

For Android, when we think of mods (or modifications), we often think of rooted devices. Android modifications come in all shapes and sizes. Some give increased functionality, while others change the look and feel of the OS. Unfortunately, rooting your device can void the warranty and, in the worst cases, leave you with nothing but a very expensive paperweight. So if the idea of rooting your Android device is a deal-breaker, here are some apps that allow you to mod your device, without having to root your phone.

The fingerprint scanner is a significant improvement over PINs and pattern locks. It enables users to quickly and easily unlock their device in a fraction of the time it used to take. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else that implements this hardware feature other than some methods of payment.


However with an app called Fingerprint Quick Action, you can re-map your fingerprint scanner to perform a variety of other functions. After installing the app, the fingerprint scanner will still unlock your device as usual. However once your device is unlocked, you can use the fingerprint scanner to perform another functions such as launching a specific app or snapping a photo.

Do you like the look of flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6? If so, you probably like the rounded edges of the screen. The soft, curved edges of the screen definitely give the phone a premium look, but to get it you’ll have to shell out quite a bit of cash. Fortunately, you can get the rounded edges on virtually any device by installing a simple app.


Cornerfly transforms the sharp edges of your Android device’s screen to rounded ones. That’s all the app does, but it makes good on what it advertises. There is another app that goes by the name Roundr which also rounds the corners of your device’s screen. Both Cornerfly and Roundr get similar reviews, so if one doesn’t work for you, try the other!

The Android navigation bar is functional but not exactly aesthetically pleasing. NavBar Animations aims to spruce up the boring old Android navigation bar by integrating eye-catching animations. The app comes with a wide variety of custom animations that you can customize to your preferences. You can dictate what actions prompt an animation, the speed of the animation and the color.


While the NavBar Animations app is free, for users who shell out for the pro version, it removes ads and gives access to additional animation packs. One of the best things about NavBar Animations is the fact that it does not require root access. Unfortunately, this means that the app will not work with some applications (like Google Chrome). Despite these drawbacks, NavBar Animations is a unique way to personalize your device.

The Android OS is pretty intuitive; however, there are times when every user wishes he or she could tweak something to make the experience a bit better. The introduction of gesture-based controls within Android is a step in the right direction; however, the feature seems under-utilized. This is where All in One Gestures steps in.


All in One Gestures allows users to customize the user interface of their device, increasing productivity and personalization. The app does this by allowing users to program customized gestures such as swipes and screen taps. In addition, it also allows users to configure physical key press combinations. These gestures and button presses can be used to launch an app or to perform specific functions.

Have you ever started playing a video without realizing your volume was turned all the way up? Blown out your eardrums with a pair of too-loud headphones? What about when the person you’re trying to call sounds like a mouse? If you’ve ever encountered these issues, you’ve probably found yourself scrambling for the volume rocker on your device. Unfortunately, sometimes the volume rocker is in a hard to reach area, especially for those with larger devices.


Luckily, Volume Slider is a quick and easy way to control the volume of different audio sources simply by sliding your finger on the edges of your screen. In addition, the app can also be configured to control the brightness of your device’s screen. While this app makes adjusting the volume of different apps faster and more convenient than traditional buttons, it is a must-have for those with a broken volume rocker.

Do you use any Android apps that alter the appearance or functionality of your device? If so, let us know what they are in the comments!

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