3 Android Apps to Earn Real Money for Completing Little Tasks

5 Android Apps to Earn Real Money for Completing Little Tasks

With the increasing usage in smartphones, the amount we spend on different apps and micro-transactions are also increasing. But have you ever thought of earning a few bucks or other rewards with your smartphone? For Android users, there are quite a few apps that help you earn a few quick bucks by completing simple tasks like taking photos, watching trailers, completing surveys, etc. Granted, you won’t be able to make a living out of these apps, but they can surely get you a coffee or two, or even pay for the next app that you are buying. If you are wondering about them, here are some of the best Android apps that can earn you real money or other rewards for completing little tasks.

1. App Trailers

Unlike other apps in this list and as the name implies, App Trailers pays its users for watching video trailers and demos. By completing the listed tasks, you will earn anywhere from half a cent to ten cents per task in the form of points, and those points can be redeemed for PayPal cash. Besides watching video trailers, you can also try the app and game demos for increased revenue. With more than 30,000 downloads and an average of four stars, this app is well worth the try.

App Trailers Android app

2. Shopkick

If you are a shopaholic or someone that just shops a lot, then Shopkick is for you. This app doesn’t exactly give you money but lets you save the money with exclusive deals while you are shopping and also gives you rewards like gift cards for shopping. This app is also available for iOS devices.

Shopkick Android app

3. CheckPoints

CheckPoints is a simple app which gives exciting rewards for simple tasks like scanning barcodes of products like Coca-Cola, Olay, etc., while you are shopping in your favorite stores. Every task you complete in this app gives you a certain number of points, and you can redeem those points for the listed rewards. The rewards include Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and gadgets like tables, etc. Moreover, if you like, you can also donate your rewards to charities.

CheckPoints Android app

Do comment below sharing your favorite apps to earn some quick bucks from your smartphone.

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