3 Android Apps to Create a Voice Parody

When I was a kid, my dad and I used to watch foreign movies and would say out loud what we thought they were saying. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to the following apps, you can do something similar and make a voice parody for any video you want.

Whether it’s a video in English or in any other language, you can make the video say whatever you want. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do so with the help of these apps. Let’s check them out.

1. MadLipz


MadLipz is a popular option when it comes to creating voice parodies. The app is very easy to use, and it even has options that allow you to change your voice.

After you’ve selected a video and recorded the audio, you should see a red line. To add an effect to your audio, tap on the red line and a series of options will appear at the bottom. You can choose from options such as female, male, megaphone, teenager, robot, giant, chipmunk, commentator, cop, telephone, next door, cave, monster, alien, and spaceman.

Once you’ve selected an option, tap on the “Back” button and press “Play.” To remove any of the filters you’ve added, tap on the person icon at the top-left.


You can also add subtitles instead of your voice. Tap on the Sub-option and then the keyboard option at the bottom. Tap on each rectangle to add your captions.

2. Dubsmash


Dubsmash works a little differently than the first app. With Dubsmash, you choose what audio you want to add to the video you record of yourself or someone else.

You can choose from topics such as Favorites, Trending, This week’s challenge, Christmas, Will Ferrell, Star Wars, 90’s Movies, Jim Carrey, Deadpool, Cyber Monday, Gossip Girl, and many more.

Tap on the category you want to use and swipe to listen to all the audio options. When you find the one you like, tap on the “Play” icon to play the audio. If you like what you hear, tap on the three dots and choose “Create Dub.”


If you tap on the title of the audio, you’ll see the play, sub, and like options. Below that, you will also see dubs other users uploaded; the first dubs you see are the top-rated ones.

3. Follywood


Follywood makes it easier to mute voices when there is more than that to deal with. As depicted in the image above, tap on the voice you want to mute. It’s even possible to mute the entire original sound.

Once you’re done recording, tap on the blue “Done” button at the top-right. The next window will show you options to share your video.

Be careful if you don’t want to make it public since it will be published that way unless you uncheck the option. To make your video private, uncheck the red circle right above the Done button at the bottom.


You can choose from a large variety of videos. For example, you can choose from the ones that are there as soon as you open the app (Trending Today).

If you swipe left from where it says trending, you can choose from other topics such as Latest, User Uploads, Animals, Action, Drama, Politicians, and many more. To find what you’re looking for faster, don’t forget to use the search bar at the top.

It’s also possible to add your own videos and dub them. Tap on the blue circle, choose your video, and dub it by pressing the red “Record” button.


It’s fun when you dub a video. Sometimes you can make it even funnier than the original version. What video are you going to dub first? Let us know in the comments below.