3 Android Apps to Clean Up and Turbocharge Your Devices

Roundup: Apps That Can Turbocharge Android Smartphones and Boost Your Productivity

It’s no secret that Android is the world’s most widely-used mobile operating system, but that doesn’t mean it is the best. From time to time you will find that your phone slows down and starts getting hung up after prolonged use. Although this problem might be caused by the issue of low specced hardware powering the device, in most of the cases the root cause of the problem boils down to software and memory managementĀ issues.

Just like a desktop computer, as we use our smartphones for various chores and tasks, it will accumulate temporary files (aka junk files) in the system. Every app we install comes with its own cache which acts as the catchment area for the temporary files.

Apps running in the background also need to be tamed as they not only guzzle battery power but also eat up precious RAM space. In the list below, we have come up with a list of apps that can speedĀ up Android smartphones and boost your productivity.

1. CC Cleaner

Yes, this is the same CCleaner that we use on our Windows systems to weed out the junk files and help the machine perform better. CCleaner is also available as an Android app in the Playstore.

CCleaner for Android analysis

The landing menu of CCleaner features a simple RAM and storage bar along with an “Analyze” button. Once tapped, it will analyze your phone and retrieve the list of items that can be deleted. CCleaner is one of the few apps that lets users choose which items they need to delete manually instead of just clearing out everything.

CCleaner for Android cleaning completed

After selecting the options and pressing “Clean,” the application will take you to the next page where it will display the junk information accumulated by each app in the system.

CCleaner for Android app manager

CCleaner comes with another useful feature that pushes a notification every time your cache size increases beyond a certain threshold. I have found the CCleaner to be the most effective tool in clearing out the junk files.

2. SD Maid

This app can be spotted easily in the Play store as it comes with a fancy Droid wearing a French Maid uniform. I didn’t take this app seriously until some of my colleagues constantly lauded its ability to clean up the trash accumulated in the memory cards. I decided to give the SD Maid a try.

SD Maid for Android home

The landing menu has some interesting features:

  • Corpse Finder: Digs out the files associated with deleted apps
  • System cleaner: Power washes the system directories and weeds out the leftovers
  • App Cleaner: Deep cleans the data files from the app
  • Databases: Sweeps your Android clean of any reminiscent databases from uninstalled applications

SD Maid for Android scanning

Hit the “Clean” button, and you will be surprised to see the staggering amount of data that the application managed to clear. As far as my usage is concerned, SD Maid cleans up at least 1GB to 1.5GB of data when I run it every fortnight.

SD Maid for Android scanning complete

3. Greenify

Unlike other apps in this list, Greenify is more of an app manager rather than a memory cleaner application. The application cleverly hibernates in the background helping you to not only conserve battery but also save on precious RAM space.

Greenify for Android menu

Do note that a rooted device is required for some of the features such as “Forget,” which allows the app to regularly optimize the processes and segregate background apps based on resources, to work.

Greenify for Android working mode

The Greenify app also comes with a great set of experimental features which will help turbo boost your Android and also make sure it’s easy on the battery.

Greenify for Android app analyzer


If you have the habit of installing, uninstalling and trying out new apps from the Play Store, the performance of your Android phone is bound to be affected. However, we have found that by using a certain combination of apps, the performance of our Android phone can truly be spiked up. I personally use CCleaner for trash management, SD Maid for weeding out junk in the Memory card and finally Greenify for optimizing the battery performance. This might not be the best combination for everyone, but you can try out different permutations to find the best performing combination of apps.

Let us know of any other apps which you folks use for boosting your Android’s performance in the comments section below.

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