5 Android Apps That Change Wallpaper To Match The Weather

You could look out of the window to see what the weather is, but it’s too early in the morning, and all you can see is darkness. You’re in the middle of a full auditorium, and you’re wondering what the weather will be like outside when the play is over. You’ve been waiting for the subway for so long that you really don’t know what the sky looks like anymore. In any of these scenarios, you could pull out your smartphone and search for this information, but it would be quicker if you didn’t have to. Here are five Android apps that will change your wallpaper depending on what the current weather is.


Stormfly is about as simple as it gets. This app will download an HD image that matches the current weather, setting it as your wallpaper. This app prides itself on having low bandwidth usage, and rather than rely on a device’s GPS, it allows you to set a location manually. The wallpapers aren’t animated though, so if you want that, you will have to choose another option on this list.


If Stormfly is too static, or perhaps even boring, then Weather Sky Live Wallpaper is worth a look. This live wallpaper pushes slowly moving clouds across your screen on a sunny day, displays menacing clouds when it’s dreary outside, and showcases a downpour when it’s raining. It includes basic options, so users can adjust animation speed, time slots, update interval, weather details font size, and the like.


Beautiful Live Wallpaper is an oldie but goodie. It’s so old that it was last updated two years ago, but it still works. And while it runs without any problem on modern Android devices, given its age, it’s great for handsets that are beginning to show their age or modern budget handsets that just don’t have the power that high-end models do. The wallpaper is animated, but don’t expect much in the way of effects. That just makes it more relaxing, right?


Weather Live Wallpaper is cuter than all of the previous choices. It doesn’t look super realistic, nor are the animated images all that detailed, but it looks quirky, artistic, and fun. Just be advised, the ads that populate the settings area of this app are absolutely obnoxious, and it prompts you to install additional software, so be sure to decline the popup that appears when you run it for the first time.


Paperland doesn’t pitch itself as a weather-related app. Instead, it’s a live wallpaper featuring paper cutouts of cars, buildings, trees, clouds, etc. moving about in a rather cartoony fashion. That the app changes to show the current weather is just an added perk, and double-tapping on the sky will pull up a more in-depth weather forecast for anyone who wants it.

There you have it, five great live wallpapers that will save you from having to look up the weather or even look out of the window to get an idea of what to expect outside. If you have a preferred way of monitoring the weather, share it with us in the comments below!

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