Secure and Clean Up Your Android Phone with Advanced Mobile Care

With the app store on your phone, it is very easy to install new apps and uninstall them when you find a better alternative or when you have no more use for the apps. Often times while removing apps from the device, some of the data files, like cache files, junk files, and such other useless data, are not removed from the device. To take care of this and to keep your device in a good state, you can try out IObit Advanced Mobile Care.

We have previously discussed the Windows cleanup app from IObit and we were quite impressed with their offering. Advanced Mobile Care is another app from IObit and it takes care of the maintenance of your device and keeps it in a good working state. The app comes with a number of features, such as scanning your device for junk files, improving the performance of your device by using various tools, and so on.



When you launch the app on your device, the first option you will see is the “SCAN” button. What it does is scan your device for junk files and help you remove them from your device. Unless you are using a brand new phone, you probably have some useless files hidden in the phone. The scanner is really powerful as it scans all the files that exist on your device and helps you detect the ones that are no longer useful to you, empty folders, for example.

Not only does it scan files, but it scans contacts as well as messages to help you ensure your device is in a consistent state. Once it has finished the scanning, you can tap the “CLEAN” button for it to clean up these files from your device.



The problem with virus apps is that they doesn’t state in the description that it they are viruses. Most of the time, it is only after you have installed the app and gotten infected that you realize it. The good thing about Advanced Mobile Care is that it comes with an anti-virus detector that can scan your device for any viruses or malwares constantly. When it detects a suspicious file, it warns you so you can take the necessary actions to get rid of it.

Other than the real-time protection, you can also hit the “Scan Now” button and have it manually scan your device for viruses and malware.

Task Killer


While we don’t advocate the use of task killer (Android has a pretty good memory management system), at some point you might be running too many apps and cause the system to become unresponsive. This is where a task killer app can be useful. Advanced Mobile Care’s built-in task killer helps you do exactly that. Just fire-up the Task Killer, choose the apps you’d like to be killed, and hit “Kill”. It will immediately close all the apps you have chosen and will free-up the CPU to be available for others apps to use.

Game Speeder


Personally, I don’t have any problem playing games on my phone and there is no need for me to use a game optimization app to improve the game performance, but that may be because I am using a high-end phone with plenty of RAM memory. If your phone only has a limited amount of RAM, the Game Speeder feature could be useful for you to improve game performance. What this feature does is free up all the resources currently being used by other apps for the game that you are about to play. This results in improvement in the performance of your game, while putting all other apps in idle mode.

Other Features


The app consists of some other great features as well, which include Anti-Theft, Battery Saver, Cloud Backup, and so on. All of these features are there to help you out with issues you are currently facing on your device. While not entirely, these features will at least give you relief from some of the most common issues you face with your device.


The good thing about Advanced Mobile Care is that it packs tons of useful features in one single app. You get to clean up, maintain, protect and secure your phone with this app. And the fact that it is free makes this app a good tool to keep in your arsenal.

Try it out and let us know what you think of this app.

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