Andoer Multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker with Flashing LEDs Review

Andoer Multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker With Flashing LEDs - Review and Giveaway

Finding the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker for your needs isn’t always the easiest task. Sometimes the ones that are the best-looking aren’t always the best quality and vice versa, or maybe it doesn’t provide all the features you’re looking for.

The Andoer Bluetooth speaker is one that delivers on sound quality, looks/style and features. It’s a medium-sized Bluetooth speaker with high-quality loud and clear sound accompanied by a generous amount of bass. Of course, if you like a lot of hard-hitting bass, this won’t do it for you; for most though, the amount of bass this provides will suffice.

LED Light Modes

While the speaker offers quite a few useful features, which you’ll find listed below under “Notable Features,” one of the coolest things about this speaker is its bright flashing LED lights. Whether or not you’re listening to music, the speaker has five different light modes that you can enjoy:

  • Red lights flashing
  • Green lights flashing
  • Blue lights flashing
  • White lights flashing
  • All four above-mentioned colored lights flashing
Andoer Bluetooth speaker flashing and blinking LED lights.

When there is no music playing, the lights blink at a consistent speed, but when you turn the music on, they start to dance and blink along to the music. So whether you want to use it as a party accessory, a night light or to set the mood, the Andoer speaker lets you do it in style.

What’s inside the box?

  • 1 Bluetooth speaker (choose from black, red or white)
  • 1 short USB charging cable
  • 1 audio cable
  • 1 user manual (in both English and Chinese)
Here's what's inside the Andoer Bluetooth Speaker box.

Setting Up the Speaker

Setting up the Andoer Bluetooth speaker took me literally one minute. It’s really quick and easier than most since it has a simple on/off switch. There’s no button that you have to press for a certain number of seconds and then put into pairing mode. There’s really no waiting to pair it either, but of course, this is dependent on your device.

On/off switch, tf card holder, microUSB slot, line in jack.

In the picture above you see that when you turn the speaker around (if standing up) or lay it on its side (if laying down), there are four important things: TF (micro SD) card slot, on/off power switch, micro USB port and line-in jack. Notably, this is where you can turn the speaker on and get up and running in seconds.

When you first turn the speaker on, there is a voice prompt that tells you to connect it to the Bluetooth on your device. If Bluetooth is not already enabled on your device, now is the time to enable it. Then you should see “BQ 615” listed under your Bluetooth devices. Tap it to connect, and you’re all set. If it asks for a password (mine didn’t, but just in case), enter “0000.”

Using the Speaker

Using the Andoer Bluetooth speaker is also very easy and really effortless thanks to the nice push buttons right on top of the speaker. You can easily switch to TF card mode, FM radio mode or back to Bluetooth mode (if you switched to one of the others).

You can also navigate to the previous song or next song and change the volume by long pressing the previous and next buttons. Lastly, you can change the light mode using the first “sun” button and change the brightness of the LED lights using the second and third “sun” buttons.

Andoer Bluetooth speaker push navigation buttons.

For the most part I’ve had no issues using the buttons. They’re easy to press and are very responsive. I do sometimes end up restarting a song when trying to long press to turn the volume down. I seem to have this issue with every Bluetooth speaker I have though.

If you want to see the speaker in action, you can check out the quick video below. The volume is nowhere near as loud as it can go, but it does show the multi-light flashing mode so you get a general idea of how it looks.

Notable Features

  • Can be used as a wired speaker without Bluetooth by using the 3.5mm auxiliary cord
  • Built-in microphone enables you to answer phone calls for a hands-free experience
  • Offers a wireless connection range of ten meters (33 feet)
  • Powered by built-in rechargeable battery via mini USB port
  • Superb stereo sound quality and great bass
  • Supports a micro SD card up to 32GB
  • Provides talk time up to eight hours
  • Supports advanced audio transmission mode
  • Supports audio and video remote control mode
  • Built-in radio with station auto-search feature
  • Offers smart voice prompt navigation (e.g. voice prompts “waiting for connection”) if it can’t find a Bluetooth connection

Final Thoughts

Listening to music on the Andoer Bluetooth speaker has been a really enjoyable experience. I am able to take the speaker with me all over our apartment while leaving my tablet on my desk in the front room. While I do experience a slight breaking up or pause every now and then, it doesn’t happen often enough to bother me – it’s rare. The speaker also plays for hours upon hours. The most I’ve listened to it so far has been around seven hours, and the battery has held up just fine.

If you’re looking for a great quality Bluetooth speaker that produces loud sound,┬áis literally flashy and has many other great features (e.g. built-in radio, microphone for phone calls, micro SD card support, etc.), this is a great choice.

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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