AMSN Can’t Connect in Ubuntu…

After running the update manager and installed a bunch of files, you find that your AMSN is no longer able to connect. If this is the case, then you are not alone. I have this issue after I finished updating my system. It seems that the updated version of Tcl/tk client is conflicting with AMSN (I was using AMSN 0.97).

If you are having the same issue, you can simply upgrade your AMSN to the latest 0.97.2 version to get it back to working mode again.

First, remove your existing installation of AMSN

sudo apt-get autoremove amsn

Download amsn 0.97.2 from GetDeb.

Double click on the deb file to start the installation.

Once it is done, your AMSN should be able to connect now.